How to keep your body still fit after summer

 keep your body fit after summer

Keep your body fit even after late Summer

Many times summer vacations have a wonderful effect on our bodies. For some reason, summers have us eating healthier and exercising more, even if we don’t realize we are doing these things. So quite often we find we have lost a pound or two and our bikini fits just a little better. Here is how to keep that momentum up for the fall, winter and spring months.

 Oftentimes during the summer we simply do not realize we are behaving more healthfully, generally in the form of eating natural, raw produce because it is in abundance, we move around whether swimming at the pool or just outside enjoying the weather, and drinking more water just to prevent thirst. All of these add up to a healthy, beautiful body but what happens after summer? It gets cold outside and we tend to stay in the house with warm filling food and drink warm beverages that do not include water.

Don’t Buy it!

Immediately remove fatty, calorie rich foods like butter, fatty meats and cheeses and alcohol from your grocery list! Simply do not buy them, or you will be tempted to eat them if they are in the house. Instead, buy healthier options like fresh cut fruit and lean proteins like chicken. In the winter we tend to go into “hibernation mode”, wanting to store fats and calories for winter, which is in fact what our cavemen ancestors did go through, as food was scarce in the winter. However, we do not have much fear of literally starving to death in today’s modern world.

Many edible plants thrive in the winter, and these include many types of squashes, root vegetables like turnips and beets, and fruits like apples are abundant in the fall. Take advantage of any abundance by canning or freezing extras for use in the winter. Immediately after purchasing, wash and process the produce so it is readily available to just grab and eat. The more work involved when we are hungry, the less we are willing to wait and do this work, so have your product already cleaned and cut up for convenience. By canning, freezing and storing extra produce from the summer, we get the nutrients in those products we would not normally get in the winter, which can boost our mood and overall body health.

Drink Water Often

 Our bodies are made of over 66% water and need replenishing often (all day, truly) in order to avoid dehydration and its effects. No matter what temperature it is outside, even if you are not sweating or even thirsty, your body needs water. Water has many added benefits other than simply hydrating our bodies. Water helps us feel fuller in between meals and lubricates our joints and organs. You will notice your skin is much more supple and smooth with plenty of water. Most people incorrectly interpret the feeling of mild dehydration as hunger, as the body sends the same distress signals in both cases: a rumbling or empty feeling stomach. So when you think you are hungry, have a quick glass of water and wait 15 minutes, then gauge if you are truly hungry or not. In the summer, we do need extra water from sweat and evaporation, but do not neglect your water in the winter!


The simple advice of “take the stairs instead of the elevator” remains completely valid. Use the restroom on another floor, fax documents yourself instead of delegating the task, when talking on the phone pace the room. By taking the bus and getting off one stop early and walking the rest of the way, you will burn hundreds of calories a day! Be sure to get some true aerobic exercise and strength training in as well, about 3-4 sessions a week and you will truly see a difference.

Diet and Exercise Motivation is Half the Battle

With the winter being long and cold, most of us do not want to get out of bed, let alone get out into the cold weather.

Some little tricks we recommend include hanging a picture of you from the summer in your bikini on the wall, or another picture of anybody who motivates you. Put pictures of fresh fruits and vegetables as your computer screensaver and motivational quotes from your favorite artists.

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