cute-long-straight-hairstyles PINKYThe strength of Italian fashion lies in the simple yet elegant lines seen in its architecture, interior design, cars, but also hair fashion, region by region. On the Paris catwalk, complex and highly constructed hairdos are everywhere; Milan, however usually keeps it simple.

Long hair, whether or not laminated, often predominates. Ponies are quite often seen on the catwalks, but many models still like the classic length.

The curls and the “just out of bed” look seem to have been overtaken by simple, neat and smooth blow-dried hair styles, often with a sharp part.

How do you proceed?

How will it blow out? How do you proceed? Wash your hair and cover it with a balm. Rub the hair dry with a towel and apply a styling product. You can choose a styling foam or styling gel. Spread a generous amount of product throughout your hair, strand by strand until it’s smooth. Use a round hair brush (not plastic), and start at the front, with the first strand hanging down your face, and put the remaining hair in a clip. Place the free lock on your brush and pull it slowly through the brush while you heat it with the hair dryer. The hotter the hair dryer, the smoother your hair will be. Repeat until the lock is completely straight (which may be three to eight times). The more you blow-dry the hair, the straighter (and shinier) it will become. Continue with the second strand. If you want to blow dry all your hair smooth, you’ll be working with it at least half an hour. When you’re done, finish it with a spray shine product.

For the hair styles in the first and second photos from the left, comb your hair with a neat center part. For the style in the second picture be sure to also use a highly polished product as well.

The third picture from the left shows straight hair with bangs that center on the forehead. Barbers took this shot with the models that do not have a pony hairpiece on the center of the head. If you do not have bangs then you should look at the third picture, which will entail going to the barber for a haircut. If you have a pony, then you look at the third haircut and proceed as described above. Do not forget to blow-dry your bangs properly.

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