Lose weight fast and effectively with these three little tips. Three, that’s it! But, you say, that is not enough to lose weight and find my best body again! This is what we are imagining you are saying when reading this title, anyway. Well, you have read it correctly: three little rules. If you are curious now and think you have the willpower and energy to apply the rules consistently, please read on.

There are countless reasons why we get out of shape” but usually we can summarize in a few paragraphs. Low physical activity, irregular and unhealthy food, and finally an excessive consumption of alcohol are usually the main culprits.

Add to the above some unfortunate genes that run in the family or another form of impairment such as a low thyroid, and there are the reasons why you are overweight and out of shape. These last 2 reasons are not in your power to control, but the first 3 are.

Physical exercise to lose weight fast and effectively:

Easy to say, but perhaps also the most easily done. Try to walk more. Walk to the station, go running during errands and dance around the house. Leave the car at home if possible and walk home from work. Get to the gym as often as possible and perform an hour or two of aerobic exercise on the fitness equipment followed by some regular strength workouts. Discuss which exercises are best suited for you with your fitness instructor or personal trainer. He or she will best know how to advise you based on your weight and body’s ability.


Eat sensibly to lose weight fast and effectively:

A strict diet is not recommended, at least not for an extended period of time because you will inevitably fall off and fail. Simply follow a healthier diet. Switch some healthy foods for unhealthy foods, one at a time. There is no need to be obsessive. But you do need to avoid very high fat products such as butter and cheese; instead replace these fats with Omega-3 fatty acids found in olive oil, avocados and nuts. Also avoid refined, simple carbohydrates such as white rice and flour in bread and pastries. If you do not adjust your diet, even marginally, you will never see results. It is basic math: calories out must be higher than calories in, in order to lose weight.

Reduce Alcohol  to lose weight fast and effectively:

It is not easy to give up alcohol completely, especially if you are out with friends. A beer or glass of wine here and there will not impair your weight loss efforts exorbitantly, but if you go out every day or have a few glasses of wine every day you will damage your attempts. Think about the infamous “Freshman 15” in which college Freshmen tend to put on an additional 15 pounds just from eating unhealthily and drinking alcohol instead of focusing on their studies; they are so excited to be out on their own that they do not think about the consequences.

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