Losing Weight without Diets 

Losing Weight without DietsThis article is intended for those who want to gain their physical form back but have no time to plan a strict diet. Instead of a diet we want to introduce some rules that make it possible to lose excess pounds in a simple and efficient way that is barely noticeable.

You might be the type that thinks a diet has to be set in stone and followed strictly. This diet, however, is more of guidelines than rules and by following them consistently, which should be pretty easy, you will find your lifestyle and eating habits have changed for the better over time.

Remove all Bad Foods from the Kitchen and House

Do not pretend you do not understand. That Nutella needs to go away. That big container of ice cream in the freezer and the bag of chips in the cupboard. Get rid of it all immediately! Give it to neighbors, the cat, the policeman, it does not matter, just get rid of it!

Drink Plenty of Water

You need to drink a lot of water every day, it’s a fact. Water is known as the universal solvent for a reason: it breaks things down and that includes things in your body. It will help loosen your bowels and flush away toxins. It helps your internal organs to not dry out, and your skin will be gorgeous and glowing. It is an all-around winner. You also will feel fuller, longer, when you have water in your stomach, which leads to less overeating.

You can drink too much water, but this is quite difficult to do. Generally, the rule is no more than 4 cups (8 ounces each, for 32 ounces total) of water per hour. Of course, if you are exercising this rule is not as strict, as you are losing water through your pores at a much quicker rate.

 Never go to the Grocery Store on an Empty Stomach

Do your grocery shopping after lunch or after a snack. You will be less tempted to buy unhealthy foods like chocolate bars, ice cream, and Pringles.

Always Make a Shopping List Beforehand

You know what’s good for you and what is not. So make a list of healthy, conscious foods and make sure to leave the store happy with your decisions. If your brain is not reminded to buy the garbage, processed foods, you will forget about them and continue on with your healthy shopping and healthy habits.

If Possible, go to the Store on Foot, or at Least Park Far Away from the Entrance

With the double benefit of getting more exercise into your day, you will also be reminding yourself that you are trying to become healthier and hopefully this will deter you from buying junk food. Plus it gets heavy!

Cook, do not Order Take Out

Junk food, pre-cooked meals and pizzas that you only need to bake are not healthy at all. If you cook from scratch, you know exactly what you are eating. Not only does the junk food typically have a lot of calories, there are many questionable ingredients in most processed foods. If you cannot pronounce it, your body probably won’t know what to do with it, and you will become unhealthy and overweight!

Try to Resolve Problems that Tend to make you Overeat

Are you an emotional eater? Someone who eats when nervous, angry, happy, sad, or somewhere in between? We’ve all had our moments but some of us truly live to eat, instead of eating to live. There is a fine line that you do not want to cross.

Try to assess the situations from an impartial person’s point of view. How would you handle it if you were somebody else? Would you recommend that person eat themselves into an oblivion because their boyfriend broke up with them? Absolutely not, so don’t do it to yourself. Instead try out a relaxing hobby or just sit down and read. Your brain will forget that you wanted to open those chips. Plus, the awareness that you are trying to solve a problem in a positive manner is encouraging and will make you feel better about yourself.

When Cooking for Yourself, Try Some Small Tips

For most of us it is a matter of habit. We know how many teaspoons of sugar we like in our coffee. For a week, just try to use 1 teaspoon less. This goes with the amount of oil you cook with, the amount of butter you put on bread, salad dressing on the side instead of drowning the salad. The taste will still be there and you may find you enjoy the natural flavor much better anyway. After a week, you will get used to it and you will find your coffee does not need to be extremely sweet, but just sweet. Your body will thank you.

Eat in Moderation and Regularly

It is much better if you space your eating out over the day, instead of eating 3 large meals try to do 5 small meals. Many times when people only eat 3 large meals a day they end up getting hungry before the next one and will binge. By spacing out the meals, you will maintain a metabolism and avoid getting so hungry you could eat a whole horse.

Avoid Boredom, AKA Temptation

If you do not do much on the weekends and are at home, bored, and don’t know what to do, do not be tempted to go open the cupboards and scrounge for a snack. This tends to happen to a lot of us: boredom eating, which falls under the category of emotional eating. Instead, make yourself busy with something else, even if it is just reading a magazine. What we find really helps is to just step outside even for a few minutes of fresh air. It is revitalizing and takes our minds off the kitchen and pantry.

Read a book, take up a hobby like an art or craft. Try your hand at sewing or blogging, painting stained glass windows, anything! Or go for a 10 minute walk. Anything to keep your mind busy.

That’s all. As you see, it’s not a diet, but some advice that can help you slowly, but surely, change your habits into a healthier lifestyle, without any sacrifice! Give it a try, what have you got to lose?

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