Shopping is a good motivation to Lose Weight


At the first hint of sunshine this time of year it seems like we are waking up from a long hibernation just like all the small mammals outside living in trees. We open the windows and breathe the warm air deeply. The weather motivates us to eat cleanly and exercise outdoors more often. We generally have gained a few pounds during the winter, like our bodies are supposed to, but now we want to get that weight off!

It is high time to do something about it! I am determined this year, aren’t you? By the time summer gets here we want to have our bodies in top shape for those bikinis and loose breezy outfits.

This plan, though, has nothing to do with complicated diets. It is all about the messages we give ourselves. It is no secret, really. Read on to see what we are talking about.



Step 1. Start by cleaning up the kitchen cabinets and the refrigerator

Begin with getting rid of ice cream, chocolate, pies, cookies, chips and other ready to eat foods that are extraordinarily laden with fat and calories. Just do it! Give it to the neighbor, to the dog, to the lady at church. Just get rid of it. “Lead us not into temptation”, indeed.

Step 2. Grocery shop until your cart is full of healthy, diet approved foods and meals

Approved foods include fruit and vegetables in huge quantities, vegetable soup, whole grains and other fiber-rich foods with low fat cheese, low-fat yogurt, unsweetened fruit juices, mineral water and vitamin supplements. Do not be tempted to purchase sweets and fatty foods by eating a balanced meal or snack before leaving the house. Walk to the store, if you can as well.

This is important because when you are outside walking to do your errands, you cannot eat and you are forced to exercise. This is a win-win situation. By exercising you are burning fat and calories, while also mentally reminding yourself that you are trying to be healthy. Losing weight and gaining health is as much state of mind as it is a physical issue.

Step 4. Nowadays there are plenty of healthy foods that are also quite tasty

When we have had enough of all that healthy food, and there is such a moment, we go looking for foods that satisfy the cravings but infringe on our attempts at dieting. For example a low-calorie, no sugar added piece of apple pie with no whipped cream on the side is seriously just as tasty and with less than half the calories of traditional apple pie! Thus, the damage is limited.

Step 5. Drink plenty of water

Water will fill you up without filling you out! Try to drink at least a gallon of water per day; it will be hard at first and you may forget but as long as you are adding some to your diet every day you will soon reach your mark. Yes, you will need to make frequent restroom trips but it is all in the name of health! You will get used to it soon and not need to frequent the restroom as much. Think of how a desert is when it rains; water pools on the surface because it is so dry but after a while will begin to absorb the moisture. As is with your body.

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