LOSING WEIGHT- A Mind Over Matter

LOSING WEIGHT can be simple as mind over matter

lose weight mind over matterLosing weight is more related with your mind than anything else. Do you usually start a diet to lose weight but fail soon? Do you sigh and groan when stepping onto the scale to find that needle, despite all your efforts, has not gone down? Do you exercise three times a week, but still have rolls you want to get rid of? Despite dieting strictly, you still cannot fit into your pants from last year? Fear not, it might just be as simple as how you feel in your mind.

Increasingly, doctors and dieticians are pointing out that losing weight is not just a physical issue, but it has everything to do with your mental state of mind and personal motivation levels. This may be so even if you are exercising and dieting regularly.

In order to effectively lose weight, you must truly know your body. This might sound strange because we know you dislike the weight you have so you go on a diet, but to truly lose weight you must love, or at least like, yourself. If you think you are not good enough the way you are, then you will also think you cannot lose the weight because of the same “you are not good enough”. This is a vicious cycle but shows just how closely our mind and body are connected. Well, get over it because you are good enough, you are great!

Have you noticed that cute, attractive woman jogging down the street and wish to be her? It is quite impossible that she doubts her own self-worth, or else she would not be out jogging where others can see her. Only by deciding that you are good enough will you get over this irrational thought of inadequacy. If you cannot find that you are good enough, no doubt will you reach for the chocolate ice cream and cry to a sad movie about poor, pitiful you. Wake up!

Actually, it’s all very simple. To hit those few pounds, it is therefore particularly important to know in which situations we tend to eat. Is it boredom? Do you eat out of frustration? Or is it mainly the stress that prompts us, even between meals, to visit the fridge?

Once you have determined which situations make you eat more than usual, it is important to avoid them as much as possible. Of course, other factors, such as genetic predisposition plays a role, but more often than not, our excess pounds are primarily the result of a lifestyle in which we doubt our self-worth. Think it over again whenever you lose motivation. You are worth it and more! You must believe in order to succeed.

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