Lindsey Wixson with new hairstyle



lindsey-wixson-new hairstyle
This is Lindsey Wixson with her new hair style after the show of Chanel spring/summer 2014. Her hair was cut at La Salon. Chanel models wore wigs in the show, but Lindsey was not required to wear a wig.

A top model, she has her long locks swapped for an ‘80s coupe―truly! Think of it like a “mat” so to speak.

Several top models elected to get a short haircut last season. Here’s Karlie Kloss with her “chop,” the most famous example. Edie Campbell, a British model currently heading for the top, let her long mane go several seasons ago when it was trimmed and painted black. Again now, we turn to Lindsey Wixson.
First two photos: Lindsey Wixson backstage at the Blumarine spring/summer 2014 show, photo by: Mauro Pilotto. Third photo: side view of Lindsey Wixson’s new style after the Chanel spring/summer 2014 show, photo by: Charlotte Mesman

lindsey-wixson-backstage-2014-milan-fashion-week-400x3601Lindsey’s ’80s punk style meets rock ‘n roll coupé with layers and a slightly longer back with an English “mullet.” This edgy style is in line with the fashion collections of the moment. The creator of this look is none other than the legendary Dutch hairstylist Christiaan Houtenbos.

We can imagine how drastic such a decision is―it can have profound implications for models at the top of their careers. The idea could occur at a photo shoot: ”What is we gave you a very different haircut?” Then suddenly the scissors are snipping. We can only guess at how it really happened.

In answer to the question why Lindsey chose a new, shorter look, the flagship replied that it was badly needed. All the styling sessions that hair models undergo can result in significant hair damage. This new haircut allows Lindsey’s hair to grow beautiful and healthy again―and her ongoing career along with it.

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