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A meal calendar for optimal weight loss and health

Losing weight weekly plans

If you want to lose weight, it is especially important that you eat less and eat healthy. Why do we often avoid healthy foods? Because we do not have time to cook from scratch. The solution? Create meals and a grocery calendar in advance for the week.

Better Weight Loss in One-Week Increments

Studies show that people who plan meals ahead tend to lose weight faster than those who improvise every time. This is easy to understand. If you’re late coming home from work and find the fridge empty, then there is no choice but to go get something at the snack bar or a bite to eat in the pub. Of course you could always grab that bag of chips if you do not have sensible snacks at home. Moreover, it is much easier to maintain if you know in advance where you stand. Good planning is the basis for healthy weight loss.


Create a weekly plan for weight loss

Attach to the beginning of the week a meal calendar. You need no more than 20 minutes to figure out your meal plan for the week. Write down how every breakfast, every lunch and every dinner will look. Also make a list of healthy snacks.


Plan based on your food calendar, your budget, your weekly schedule and your lifestyle. Make your list to take to the grocery store as well so you have something to stick to and do not make impulse choices; this not only saves time but also money and heartache when you get home and eat the chips and chocolate, ruining your diet for the day.

Adjust your diet to your food calendar shopping list for the week. This way you can save money by shopping at sales and using that food so you do not need to buy more expensive, non-sale items. Just be sure to read the labels, as sometimes foods that may seem healthy and natural are in fact not so.

Make Time to Cook

By this we do not mean the microwave! By making a weekly plan, you do not have to think about what you’re now eating again and again and can make simple, healthy food from scratch because it is easy to think of what you are making if it’s pre-planned. This not only helps you avoid missteps, but also saves you time. In preparing a healthy meal you can save time and use it for other things like working out!  This is a win-win situation.

Try preparing your meals in advance, then reap the benefits of relaxing and not worrying every moment about what you are going to eat. Of course, it takes washing, slicing and cooking vegetables more time than to put a frozen meal in the oven, and of course it’s a lot more work to get a piece of chicken on the grill to prepare than to grab a bag of chips on the way home. However, you will feel better after only a day of eating healthfully and consciously.

Preparing a healthy meal will give you a lot of satisfaction, so make it a moment of relaxation. Put on some music and your apron. Enjoy the sight of a fridge full of fruits, vegetables and other healthy things, all while losing weight and feeling great.

Some Ideas for Healthy Meals to Help Lose Weight

Start the day with a healthy breakfast based on fiber, either granola or oatmeal generally, yogurt and fresh fruit with a glass of fresh orange juice or milk. Whole milk is preferred over skim because of the health benefits, but go easy on it.

Lunch may consist of a combination of a salad with lean meats and whole grain bread.

For evening meals more creativity is needed:

Think of a fresh salmon with spinach and some multigrain rice, chicken on the grill with broccoli and a small portion of potatoes, chicken in orange juice with carrots and green beans, or fresh vegetables with a small amount of whole wheat pasta.

For snacks, a raw vegetable salad, some nuts or fresh fruit is ideal.

Bring your dishes to life with fresh herbs, spices and healthy oils like olive. Be sure to plan a variety or you will get bored.

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