Losing weight is not easy,but it can be fun

Losing weight with  fun

Losing weight with  funLosing weight is really candidate to be the worst period of our life but if you can control the process in your way through enjoying methods then losing weight can be turned into fun. You must just know how to do it and you have to tackle it in a sensible, consistent way with respect for your body. Being overweight is not only unsightly, but it also increases the risk of health problems, perhaps not now but definitely in the future.

We have some practical lifestyle and dietary recommendations for you. They will help you to keep your motivation high and also to get rid of those excess pounds.

Enrich your diet with fiber-rich foods.

Firstly, because a high-fiber diet is healthy and acts to clean out built-up wastes but also because they give you more of a ‘full’ feeling (you eat less) and they improve bowel movements which is very important. Try to chew very well, a good habit to help begin the digestive process, and also helps increase satiety.

Weigh yourself regularly

According to some scientists it is important to weigh yourself regularly, not only to keep your weight under control but also to understand which behaviors at the table are not conducive to weight loss.

Weighing yourself regularly helps you gauge your success for the week, and it is also recommended to keep a food diary to record everything you’ve eaten each day to monitor your behavior. Understanding these behaviors will help you on your road to weight loss success because you will see when you tend to eat, and what kind of foods you tend to eat at certain times of the day. It is recommended to only weigh yourself once a week at the most. Now remember, though, that as you gain muscle the line on the scale might not go down as quickly as you’d like but it is because muscle is heavier than fat.

Avoid traditional comfort foods

Everyone has his or her own comfort food. That chocolate bar after dinner, the bag of chips in front of the television, the sandwich at the station. Delete it from your eating habits. In the beginning it was all about getting used to it but as that goes on, it will become habit and you will no longer worry about the extra calories from them.


Drink plenty of water

Firstly, your body needs plenty of water daily to function properly, at least 64 fluid ounces but it is based on your weight. If, for example, you weigh 200 pounds then you need 100 ounces of water, which equals out to approximately 12.5 cups of water. This may seem like a lot but you will get used to it as you slowly increase your intake. Drinking water helps to maintain your metabolism as well. Scientists have often wondered why this is so, and the main theory now is that it takes extra energy to process the water and since water has no calories, it is straight calorie burn.

It is advised to not drink more than 16 ounces of water per hour to avoid loss of essential electrolytes unless you are doing intense exercise, and electrolyte replacing drinks like Gatorade or PowerAde are not recommended for non-elite athletes.

Try to incorporate more activity into your lifestyle

Of course you cannot change much if you work in the office or sit at school all day in a chair, but is it really necessary to spend hours in front of the television or computer in your spare time? It is much more enjoyable to take a walk or go to the gym for only a single hour out of your busy day. It is all about simply making the time.

Be motivated

In order to keep your motivation high, maintain the thoughts of the goals you want to achieve in your head at all times. This positive attitude will help you when you feel a lack of motivation. Always remember what you started this journey for in the first place.

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