MAKEUP TIPS FOR A RADIANT SPRING LOOKDuring Fashion Week in Milan, Trendy Style interviewed senior MAC makeup artist Michele Magnani. Backstage with Italian fashion designer Luisa Beccaria, he explained to us how to create a glowing catwalk look for spring. We caught spring fever ourselves with Michele’s tips! Here they are:

MAKEUP Tip 1: Makeup is a tribute to yourself!

Keep in mind that makeup nowadays is not meant so much to make you more beautiful and feel more secure. Today we do not need that. We know what we are worth. Beauty comes from within. Exude confidence and love for yourself and use makeup only to accentuate your own personality. This is the new makeup concept for this year. Makeup is an ode to yourself!


MAKEUP Tip 2: Play with textures

The Italian fashion designer Luisa Beccaria has worked various materials into her fashion collection for summer 2014, so we are also using makeup with texture. For a very light base, I therefor Studio Sculpt Foundation MAC. To give a glow in the T-zone, up until now I have not even used loose powder but a new product that is part of the permanent collection of MAC is Prep + Prime: Prep + Prime CC Colour Correcting Compact. There are different colors (yellow, purple, orange). For this look, I used orange. Your skin may be dull and you do not see it. With these products you can create points of light (highlights) on the cheekbones so your skin has beautiful shine. Try a highlight with a metallic and sparkling effect that blends well with your skin and you really will shine!


MAKEUP Tip 3: mix different lip colors

For this show we have the models’ lips done in pomegranate red for a sort of washed-out effect. Pomegranate Red is a color that you don’t always have handy. Therefore mix different shades―I used a pink and reddish lip gloss (Lipmix Orange and Magenta MAC)―and applied a colorless lip gloss over it for a lighter, softer effect.

MAKEUP Tip 4: go again for artificial eyelashes

Artificial eyelashes are back. Choose lashes with longer hair on the outer corners. It is very feminine and a little retro. Let the fake lashes blend with your own lashes using black mascara. The new mascara MAC – Studio Sculpt Lash – suits the purpose. It has an innovative brush that you can use very easily at the base of your lashes and it separates your lashes perfectly.


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