Update your makeup look with the GOLD MAKEUP TIPS TOM SAPIN, senior makeup artist MAC. Tom Sapin puts you in this interview what the latest makeup trends and how you can create at home. Yourself a catwalk look For those sultry black eye makeup or seduced this season with blood-red lips. Tom Sapin explains it all to you in great detail. His tips come directly from behind the scenes at fashion shows for winter 2013 2014 away.

In this interview you at once informed of all the news in the make-up for the winter and you know exactly where to start (self, we have already beaten experimenting – the sultry black eye makeup is super! ).

What are the latest makeup trends for fall and winter 2013 2014?

Tom Sapin: The beauty concept for this season is modern and contemporary . It’s not really a glamorous season. The looks are some rather tough. Backstage, we experimented with a slightly stronger version of femininity that is based on contrasts between gothic and punk styles and elegant minimalism with regard to the form and skin.

The finish is extremely modern, and to achieve this result, we used several cream-like products over each other . We also worked backstage at the shows with lots of overtones, such black with blue, gray or green undertones (such as Donna Karan New York). Natural skin colors changed in blue undertone (at Altuzarra) and blood-colored undertones were used for the lips. The skin was characterized by strong forms, but in a very natural and minimal way.

What can we do to make our makeup look to update quickly and adapt to the latest trends?

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Tom Sapin: Usually we do not have much time to do every morning, a lot of our makeup so you can best apply our most practical techniques backstage. We ourselves have backstage sometimes only 10 minutes to do. Complete maquillage We have to work very quickly and that provides the backstage tricks and tricks that you will find below. Update your look as follows:

Tip 1: Primer

First of all, I recommend to begin to correct your skin with a primer .A primer is easy to apply and gives a more natural effect than a foundation.Mac Prep and Prime Skin Enhancer example, helps to control the color and correct (it neutralizes redness and brings the undertone of the skin to the front). I bring this product only in those areas of the face where it is needed and indicate a flat and angled brush where you can work (precisely with MAC 193 brush ).

Tip 2: Concealer

Then use a concealer for blemishes barriers and, where necessary, to light, such as in the inner corners. shadow zones It is important that you choose a color that fits perfectly with your skin tone. Try therefore camouflage product always on your jawline. The color really should completely disappear, you want to achieve a natural effect.

Tip 3: soft pink powder blush

Even though we saw this season at the show especially more taupe or brownish blush, for everyday life, I would still prefer to go a little color to refresh the skin. A soft pink powder blush is perfect to give your face without it looks too made ​​some color. I bring this product on top of the cheekbones.

Tip 4: morning no powder

In the morning I would go quite no powder used. Keep it simple and take only a pack of MAC Blot Powder with you in your purse for occasional work. moment when your skin Primers give your skin a matte and natural finish, so use only powder during the day to do some work. Smile away

Tip 5: deep red lipstick

Continue for a strong dark red lipstick . Fast, easy and elegant. My favorite color is Diva Lipstick , coupled with Vino Lip Pencil . A trick that has long been used by professional makeup artists is the following: start with a layer of Prep and Prime Lip Primer to the contours of your lips easy to draw.This pencil glides over the skin without any problems and prevent you walk out the lipstick. I always start in the middle of the lips to draw the contours.In this way it is easier to make. Mouth on pretty symmetric From the center of the lips I work towards the mouth. Then I do the lips only with color fill.

Tip 6: black eyeliner and creamy eyeshadow

Accentuate your eyes rather than the black-trend this season, perfect for daytime. You only need a black eyeliner and eyeshadow crèmachtige needed. I begin by delineating the eyes by a black eye pencil ( Smolder Pencil or Pencil Blooz for black flirting with midnight blue) the wimperlijnen, above and below, to follow. Also draw a line in your eyes.Then I use the tip of a flat soft brush like MAC 239 Brush . That I bringProlongwear Paint Pot around the lash line, where I have the lower lash stronger impetus for an intense look. My favorite color is Blackground .During the application of the Paint Pot I fade simultaneously eyeliner. It’s really quite simple.

Tip 7: mascara

Backstage we used for this kind of looks no mascara, but for a more feminine look, I recommend to make off with this eye makeup many super black mascara , above and below the eye (my favorite mascara for full lashes is Haute and Naughty Too black ).

What should we do more especially this season?

Tom Sapin: Using too much foundation. Women often think they have bad skin and try to hide it with a lot of product. But they almost always have beautiful skin, and then for me is a BB cream, a primer and a Mineral Lightweight Foundation often more than enough. How topper skin(perfected only with the necessary products), how elegant the look. And camouflage product, use only when necessary.

Do you have any final makeup tips for our readers? Orders A new technique?

Tom Sapin: There is an expression that says’ Devil is in the details . ” Personally, I think a good makeup is primarily determined by a subtle performance. For example, an accessory that really makes a difference, the eyelash . Even if you do not wear mascara, but only uses a striking lipstick, remember to curl to open the look. Lashes

Always keep in mind further that 50% of your eyebrows eye makeup make up.Always brush them therefore with MAC Clear Brow Set to shape them and fill them further with a pencil or eye shadow. I recommend also to epilation to create a strong line clean but with character. Them very carefully

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