This season is all about the skin. Nicely made up skin is a priceless jewel. The products and techniques now make it possible so that the skin has a natural but radiant look. The secret is that it should look as if you haven’t used any makeup but you still steal the show with porcelain skin that seems to radiate a glow from the inside out.


How important is your skin this season?

” The skin is of course again this season one of the major concerns. We go forextremely pure and matte huidjes the eyes and mouth do very nicely out.

To perfect, but at least formatted skin to create, we worked backstage at the shows with minimal but carefully chosen skincare products. We have the skin of the models are given a healthy and natural look but always with a sheen that is somewhere between matte and satin. ”



What products do you use for that backstage?

“Backstage we used a lot ‘lightweight’ formulas like MAC Face and Body foundation, BB cream, or sometimes even just concealer and translucent powder to the skin. Course and mat

So we do not use colors – the skin is monochromatic – and seems almost unmade. The skin should be seen as a ‘velvet canvas’ (like the canvas of a painter) that we are here and there to enrich some luxury glossy highlights.

We reached this modern skin effect by working. Using only the most necessary products No foundation over the entire face, so only a few well-chosen areas of the face to highlight. The beauty of bare skin as much as possible

We used this makeup upkwasten as MAC 193 brush that you can work precisely and worked products, where necessary, to the skin so that they appeared to be fused with the skin. ”

The more naked skin, how elegant the look

One last hint that Tom Sapin reminded us earlier on, as the blush. Before using the MAC makeup artists backstage at the shows this season a new and interesting technique. After the skin with concealer and foundation was made, they put the makeup on the cheeks with a tissue so that the own natural blush color came out again.

You can see how much you can do with makeup and especially how much product you need. To Tom Sapin quote again: ” How bloter the skin, the more elegant the look . “

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