Healty Meals: An example for Healty Meal Plans




Healty MealsThe English Leatherhead Food Institute has compiled the most perfect healthy meals and healthy meal plans. A healthy meal should contain everything exactly we need to ingest daily. In the healthy meal plans here, we included fresh and smoked salmon as a starter and chicken as a main course.

If you have a party with guests and you would like to surprise them with an extremely healthy and flavorful meal, try this healthy meal menu. It is called the healtiest meal ever(healthy meal plans) by the Leatherhead Food Institute. Researches have been attempting to create this perfect dish for years and have tested over 4,000 foods with only 222 having the proper criteria.
Based on all of their findings, the researches have finally put together the ultimate healthy meal. It is nutritionally complete with the proper ratios of proteins to fats to carbohydrates and vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are optimal for the human body. Believe it or not, this menu will taste good as well!


Here is the healthy meal menu:


Starter of Healthy Meal: fresh and smoked salmon, brown bread and a mixed salad with olive oil

As a starter, the researchers put fresh and smoked salmon with whole wheat bread on the menu of this healthy meal sample. In addition, a mixed salad with olive oil is prepared. The salmon is good for Omega-3 acids. In particular, the fatty acid DHA has a positive effect on the brain, heart and blood vessels. Olive oil (extra virgin) helps to keep cholesterol levels stable.


Main course of Healthy Meal: Chicken stew, lentils and mixed vegetables

As a main course for the above mentioned healthy meal, the researchers choose chicken. This lean, white meat is often considered trivial, but it is a good source of protein which makes up the building blocks of our muscles. The lentils were given a place in the stew because it contains Pantothenic Ccid, a B vitamin that combats fatigue and stress.


Dessert: blancmange with walnuts

For dessert, the researchers came up with a yogurt-based blancmange (a kind of pudding). The yogurt used should be of very high quality and contain live bacteria cultures. The dessert is then garnished with raw walnuts a light caramel sauce.

Delicious, no? And extremely healthy!


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