Motivating Environment for Dieting and weight loss

motivation for weight loss 

 Losing weight depends on your motivation. The more motivated you are, the easier it will be to reach your goals. Motivation must come from within, but the environment you are in is also important. A healthy motivating environment is crucial for success.

The People Around You to Motivate Yourself for Weight Loss and Dieting

The people around you can be motivating environment for dieting and weight loss: , or not motivating. Do you have roommates? If so, inform them of your goals and ways of reaching them. More often than not, the people around you want you to achieve success and will help you, maybe even join you.

You may hear “Another diet?”, but do not let this dissuade you. Simply explain to them why this time is different and what you are going to do differently to achieve your goals this time. Having a goal without a plan is guaranteed failure.

If you do not receive support or kind words from roommates or people around you, do not worry. Go online, join a community that will motivate and encourage you to do your best and reach your goals. No matter where the motivation comes from, it will help you.

When you receive a compliment (and you will!), accept it graciously. Do not use it as an excuse to point out flaws you may still have. Turn every compliment into a learning experience but do not bash yourself. Instead of saying, “Thank you but I still need to lose 20 more pounds”, simply say “Thank you”! This will make you feel better because you are not putting additional negative thoughts into your head, nor theirs.

Prepare the Table for Success of Your Diet and Weight Loss Program

Prepare your physical surroundings for your success. Set the table to be aesthetically pleasing whether it is simply for you or for a table of 10 guests. Eating while standing or eating in front of your computer screen is stressful and can cause mindless eating, leading to weight gain over time. By making your surrounds more comfortable and conducive to stress-free meal times, you are helping your body with digestion and are able to concentrate better on what you are doing.

Make the time to eat. If you only have 10 minutes on your lunch break, rearrange your work day so you can squeeze in 10 more minutes. For the limited amount of time you have on lunch break, make it quiet, calm and relaxing. Do not eat at the desk, but eat in a secluded, dim corner of the breakroom or eat outside on a bench in the slight breeze. Either scenario, you need to relax and slow down while eating. Do not think about work or clients, only think about pleasant non-stressful things.

Act as though you are preparing a meal for a guest. Set the table to be attractive, clean and organized. Even if you are only preparing a meal for yourself, act like you are a VIP, because you are!

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