bad hair

This can happen suddenly. Yesterday you were happy with your hair but today, you no longer want it. And things had been going along so nicely. Those are the moments when you’re thinking: haircut. You had you planned to grow it long in order to work toward a particular hair style, and everything was going well. But now you want to throw the whole plan overboard and get a drastically different haircut. What to do?

    • Do not act impulsively. Resist the temptation and do not cut it right away! That’s not a good time to make a decision. What you can do is buy a new shampoo, a new mask or perhaps a new styling iron or curling iron. Take time with your hair, take care of it, and devote the necessary attention to. It may be that your mood is exaggerated and your long mane of hair the future is saved.
    • It sounds weird but sometimes a new makeup job, a new shade of lipstick or a new sweater helps to distract attention away from your hair Often the fact is that we are not satisfied with our look in general, but we project that our feelings on our hair style. It would be a shame if you would come to regret it later after getting it dramatically cut. Try to avoid scissors in your hair at these moments when you’re feeling frustrated with your style.
    • Do not forget about the idea to make an appointment with the hairdresser, but do recognize drastic changes for what they are. Often it is sufficient to get your hair shaped or styled in the same cut, to be happy again. The cut will cost a bit, but don’t worry about it; you’ll feel much better afterward.
    • You wouldn’t make any other major change without a careful, step-by-step approach. With your hair, start with a small change first (which can be a new color, or a trim with a bit off), which is not too dramatic. Then, if you regret it, there is nothing to worry about, because hair grows quickly and the color can be changed in a few weeks again.

Drastic changes are rarely a good idea. From long to short, from blond to dark and vice versa are big changes that you can really regret (especially from long to short!). A new hair style should “grow,” it is a process that you should establish with your stylist gradually. Each haircut should make small changes with. There are new trends which hairdressers are aware of and which they can often help you with. Each haircut adds something new, and small changes gradually move you toward a new hair style, without any regret.

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