nude-makeupThe nude makeup look that comes to us next season  will require much effort from us. Not because the makeup itself is complicated, but because perfect skin is a prerequisite. Shifts the focus from lipstick and eye shadow to beauty creams and daily care of your skin.

Flawless skin for a good looking nude makeup

The makeup for spring and summer 2014 is “nude.” It’s a look that enhances your face though, but the real beauty in this case should mainly come from yourself. Beautiful skin is the basis for this look―it’s all about skincare. Depending on your skin, you decide whether or not to use foundation or switch to lighter alternatives such as BB cream, cream CC (color correcting cream) or just a primer.

Whatever you choose, always start with a moisturizing cream that you blend into your skin with your fingertips. Then apply (minimal) foundation and work the product in well. Then correct imperfections with a camouflage product (here again, using minimal product).


Bright lips for a good looking nude makeup

A makeup trend that is completely in line with the nude look is pale lips. We saw this trend last season for spring and summer 2014, and it looks nice if you add a touch of orange.


Full eyebrows

Another trend that we saw earlier is full eyebrows. Make your brows full and wide. They may be darker than your hair color. You can really experiment with this trend. It’s delicious. Go wild with thick eyebrows!

Not done!

Of course, you also want to know what is out this season. First is heavily made-up eyes! Smoky eyes are so passe′. If you still want to go for smoky, choose light colors, or go for a gold-colored eye shadow. Eyeliner is also in this group. Draw a fine line along your upper lashes and pull the eyeliner in the outer corners a bit, allowing your eyes to look longer.

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