pony tail hairstyles

Backstage, the hair stylists often use  fake pony tail hairstyles that they make of hairpieces. Experiment for yourself with a hairpiece to to find the pony for you.

A pony tail hairstyle or not? You know the question? You’ve just let your hair grow out and now doubt is sticking up its head again. Because Lou Doillon, Jane Birkin’s daughter, looks so cool in that glossy magazine with her bangs, and English supermodel Edie Campbell wears irregular “fringe” so well. In your mind you already see yourself with bangs as beautiful as the top models and celebrities. The success of your appearance suddenly seems entirely to depend whether you should cut bangs. The key question is to do it or not?

The step to a pony is a leap of faith. On that we agree with you. It’s a big change and thereby also a commitment. When you commit yourself to a pony, you will need to do more with your hair than before, especially in the beginning.

And then there’s the question of what pony is the best for you? How long should it be? And are straight bangs better or are you more the layered type or perhaps you prefer around pony?

Movie stars and celebrities struggle with the same questions. The only difference is that they can rely on the advice and work of stylists Before this, hair stylists had to cut their clients’ real hair, which is a lot like a written test. With a hair piece (which is real hair, colored and styled so that it can be worn), they measure and fit their customers with super temporary bangs to try out to see if they like it. The bangs can be cut or molded to try different lengths and styles, to find the right look.

You can do this at home as well. It’s easy to be creative with an artificial hair piece (just don’t burn it with the flat iron!). Go from a long to a short fringe and take selfies of each phase so that you can choose what you want later at your leisure. Then you can show your stylist exactly what you want.

Here are some ideas for different bangs styles to try:
• The Bi(rkin)/Lou Doillon pony: This pony is long and falls to open like a curtain, slightly open (hence bi-pony). Your long tresses cover the sides of the pony.

• The eyebrow-pony: This pony is straight and full and falls down to your eyebrows. The British supermodel Edie Campbell began with these bangs and long hair, and now has a short hair style with thinned and layered bangs that she often wears slanted sideways.

pony tail hairstyle edie-campbell

Photo: You see what a pony hair style can do for you!

The Sandra Dee-pony: this pony ends about one and a half inches above your eyebrows and is very good with short haircuts (including bob haircuts).

The Audrey Hepburn bangs: This pony is very short and stylish, and often has a kind lock of hair styled to the side. This pony will give you a decidedly retro look. You must be just the right type.

The Amélie Poulain Pony: This pony is undoubtedly inspired by Audrey Hepburn, but in combination with a short bob. Although her film may have been a couple of years ago, Amelie Poulain (Audrey Tautou) is now a timeless style icon.

Mia Farrow’s “Rosemary’s Baby” pony: This pony is super short and combines well with a pixie cut. The pony is straight in the front and has a slight curve on the rest of the hair.

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