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You often hear that it is not good to wash your hair every day. Over-washing might dry it out and it would break down over time. Some people even think that it can fall out. Yet hairdressers and hair experts are increasingly rethinking that idea. The reason for this is that hair products are becoming more sophisticated and milder. Some hairdressers believe that some hair even benefits from a daily wash. A clean scalp, after all, creates a healthy environment in which to grow hair. Cleaning hair also has a strong psychological effect.  Hair feels smooth and soft afterward, and it smells good. When it’s clean, you feel much better.

We hear this new hair washing theory more and more. A few years ago we warned against over-washing hair. Conditioning after frequent washing is important, and experts emphasize that you need to use the right products and that you treat your hair properly before, during and after washing it gently.

The right hair products

To find the right cleaning and conditioning products for your hair, it is important to know what type of hair you have. Then it is important to ask what kind of results you want to achieve, so that you know what a hair product needs to do for you.

What kind of hair do you have? Indicators for hair type are: dry hair, colored hair, oily hair, and normal hair. Of course, these descriptions do not speak volumes, but they offer a little help along the way to help you choose shampoos and conditioners.  Most hair products today state what kind of hair they are intended for. Here are some points to consider when you’re shopping for hair products:

What will the product do for you? There is usually a statement on the packaging that tells you what the product does. Do you have dry hair? Then looking for a product with a moisturizing effect (moisturizer). Does your hair tangle easily? Then look for a product with an anti-tangle agent. Do you want volume in your hair? Choose a product that promises more body, or contains volumizers. Do you like straight hair? Choose a product that makes your hair smooth and soft.

Expensive or cheap? Hairdressers believe that salon quality products found in professional salons work best. Moreover, the salon staff can advise you and introduce you to the best products for you. Since salons wash and blow-dry hair, in a sense it offers a guarantee that you purchase a good product. Still, on the supermarket shelves you’ll also find less expensive products that can serve your needs. Often it’s a matter of trial and error, and sometimes it’s necessary to switch to a different product because you’re going have color or perm your hair.

Always Read Labels – The ingredient lists are often long and difficult to read, and we will not go into the individual ingredients here, but it’s useful to know that the ingredient listed first in list is the active one, and the other ingredients are listed in descending order in terms of quantity in the product.

Wash your hair

For daily washing, you need at least one shampoo and conditioner.

The shampoo – It is important that to be careful when washing your hair. Remove tangles wet your hair thoroughly before applying shampoo. Do not put too much shampoo in one place on your hair. Some stylists advise you to dilute the shampoo with water and other hairdressers believe that it is sufficient to distribute the shampoo on your palms and then evenly apply it to your hair. Massage your head with your fingertips while washing your hair but do not scratch your nails on your scalp. Rinse the shampoo off well.

The conditioner – Always use a conditioner. Most conditioners today work on your hair quickly. It makes no sense to leave it on longer than indicated on the package. Rinse hair carefully after the exposure time. It is sometimes said that conditioners make hair limp, but usually that is because the product has not been thoroughly rinsed away.

Drying Hair – Wrap a towel around wet hair and press it firmly against your head so that the material absorbs the moisture from your hair. Resist the urge to rub hair with the towel, since this causes tangles, which can damage hair when it’s brushed or combed. Comb out hair gently with a wide-toothed comb. Some hairdressers believe that hair is most fragile and vulnerable when it is almost dry. If you blow dry your hair, then it’s advisable to use a lower setting on your dryer until hair is just dry, and then stop.

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