Pomegranate oil for healthy skin

Pomegranate recently has been  included in the group of “Superfruits” because of its amazing health benefits. The fruit, originated from Southeast Asia, is being popular for its role in reducing signs of skin aging.

Pomegranate seed health benefits for skin care

It has long been known that the juice from the pomegranate fruit has many good qualities, but through peat, seed and root studies, several more good features have been found about the pomegranate.

It is revealed from the Egyptian  papyrus (1552 BC)  that the ancient Greek healers used pomegranate juice for the treatment of arthritis, circulatory disorders, digestive disorders and infections.  Pomegranate seed oil was also mentioned in different skin care recipes.

Several manufacturers of skin & hair care products have turned their attention to the pomegranate seed oil’s good qualities and would like to start using it in their products. But since it takes about 100 kg pomegranate to produce 1 liter of pomegranate seed oil, it is an expensive ingredient.

Pomegranate oil has amazing cosmetic characteristics, including moisturizing, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory features.

Pomegranate oil nourishes, moisturizes and repairs the skin and improves skin elasticity. Without moisture, wrinkles become more visible and the skin looks tight and lacks shining. Pomegranate oil is a good  moisturizer, has natural estrogenic features, has lots of antioxidants, is anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial. It improves skin elasticity and heals the skin as well.

The healing features of pomegranate seed oil are due to the unique composition of fatty acids, primarily punicic acid (CLA). The high content of CLA in pomegranate seed oil makes it a strong anti-inflammatory. It helps  regeneration and restoration process of skin cells. Thus, the oil effectively prevents the formation of wrinkles and  lines.

A study by the University of Michigan Medical School, published in February 2006 in “Ethnopharmacology”, shows that pomegranate seed oil stimulates and promotes the regeneration of the epidermis.

In connection with faster cell regeneration and rejuvenation, the oil delivers a powerful anti-aging effect as it helps the skin to maintain moisture, proper circulation and hydration. The oil contains powerful antioxidants that are responsible for a smooth skin and nice glow.

Pomegranate oil is also  wonderful for the hair because it revitalizes dull and dry hair and protects it from environmental pollution and chemicals.

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