sexy summer hair styleSunbathing, lounging in the garden or enjoying a glass of rose on the terrace … in the summer, you do have other things on your mind than blow drying and hair styling. Fortunately, the casual, flirty, informal trend is to get rid of those lovely coiffed heads and go with the blow-dried, straight tresses. The hot summer season calls for sexy summer hair with wild tresses.

Chic wet look

Sun, sand and salt make your hair dry and coarse. Protect your hair from drying out. Spray a generous amount of oil in it and comb it through your hair. Then part your hair. The oil makes your hair shiny and smooth―a perfect beach look.

Playful Ponytail

Delicious and fresh but also tempting, especially if you tightly comb the hair away from your face while the tail in back falls into  large curls. Wash your hair, knead in a styling mousse, then comb the hair back tightly and tie it together in a high ponytail. Now knead the strands of the tail with your fingers. Grab the lure from below and knead well until they fall down curly and playful.

Cool & wavy

Here’s one trick that we all know. Before going to bed, braid towel-dried hair, and loosen them in the morning. You’ll be rocking great, casual, wavy tresses all day!

Two tails

Have you avoided wearing two tails (“pigtails”) for years because it would be “childish?” Good point, but if you wear a bikini, two tails suddenly become incredibly sexy. Wash your hair, brush it well, part it in the middle (it’s okay to be a bit sloppy) and make two low tails.


It’s always most comfortable when you get your hair out of your face. But how? Very simple. Take the locks on each side of your face and tie them into pigtails. Practical … and romantic.

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