No direct link between obesity and cellulite

A drastic diet can cause an increase in cellulite. This is something that you should know, especially if you are trying to lose weight before summer.

Strict diets can be harmful to your health and result in worse cellulite

Let’s start by saying that drastic diets are never good. They can harm your health, especially the most popular fad diets. If you have a significant amount of weight to lose, it is best to consult your doctor or general practitioner to get advice tailored to your specific life and body needs.

Weight and Cellulite                                                                

Cellulite is often associated with obesity, but obesity is not a direct cause of cellulite. Even skinny women can have cellulite. It is not so much the number of pounds and BMI but rather the ratio of lean mass and fat mass, and is often hereditary, which means it runs in families. Cellulite can occur in women of normal or low weight, especially if these women perform little exercise, tend to have fluid retention and poor blood circulation. Moreover, cellulite is more common in women with a ‘Mediterranean’ figure (with more fat on the hips and legs) than women with fat concentrated mainly on the upper body and abdomen.

Fad diets can make cellulite worse

A common mistake when attempting to get rid of cellulite is drastically losing weight. Fad diets may even make cellulite worse. When you lose a lot of weight, quickly, you lose lean muscle mass as well as fat, making cellulite much more visible. The skin was stretched when there was a lot of weight and by not maintaining muscle definition, the cellulite is much more visible. If cellulite is a concern of yours, it may be best to turn to a physician or dermatologist.

Combat cellulite on several fronts

It is important to recognize cellulite and try to avoid it at an early stage. Cellulite usually begins around the 18th to 20th year of life, which is quite early. Once you have developed cellulite, it will usually not disappear. As time progresses, cellulite becomes increasingly difficult to get rid of.

If you want to do something yourself, try approaching cellulite at all levels. There are dual benefits to getting in shape and losing weight (if necessary), so diet and exercise will also help you get rid of cellulite, or at least make it less visible. Exercise keeps the muscles toned and keeps the skin filled out, and diet helps you lose the fat that makes cellulite more visible. Weight is much less important than measurements, so be sure to measure your progress weekly. After approximately 3 months you should begin to see results.

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