SUMMER HAIR CARE TIPSAs summer approaches, the hair styles are natural. The sleek styles of the past winter make way for softer sections and its colors are brighter and sunnier.

Less is more
Celebrate the pellicle with radiant, shiny, sexy hair. All the attention goes to graceful shapes and silky textures (a peach’s skin and shiny, healthy hair). It’s so sophisticated! In the past, a red lipstick and a sleek cut went a long way, now we need to be more subtle.

Daytime relaxed, evening sensual
In hair fashion, there is a transition from sharp lines and shapes to more graceful curves and softer hair styles. The trend is relaxed and practical. What matters is length and color. In addition, it is also very important that you know what you can do with barrettes, combs and clips because on the beach we like shiny, fragrant and alluring hair that simply “comes naturally,” but in the evening we overwhelm our men with an incredible dose of sensuality that features loose, and (seemingly) casual up-dos.

Must be able to learn
So make up your mind before you ask the hairdresser to give you an easy short cut for the summer. The trend is neither long or short, but the only condition that the hair fashion this season suggests is that your hair is just long enough to style! And that is all done loosely. A tight haircut that’s a little stiff in front with paint or gel is out! A good model always remains a prerequisite style, but make sure it is not too obvious. Ask your stylist to “keep it natural.”

Light (er) hair color
Chocolate and cappuccino colors that we saw last winter―however beautiful―are behind us for now. As the weather gets warmer, we see light tones. Copper tones, soft pastels and delicate blonde shades are the trend. The concept of highlights or mèches is outdated. The colors of the moment are not uniform, but the nuances are more subtle than ever. They blend beautifully with the delicate, gentle forms of summer hair. The colors blend gradually into each other and frame the face. Ask your stylist to apply your color subtly so that people won’t really notice your new hair color. The comment must be: “Wow, do you look sexy today!” instead of the usual, “Have you dyed your hair?”

Perfectly groomed hair
If you want to make the sensual and sultry look happen, (which is the trend this summer,) then do not underestimate the importance of a great cut, good quality shampoo and balm and treating your hair at least once a week with a nourishing mask. Furthermore, make sure that you get enough vitamins and minerals, drink enough water and protect your hair from the harmful effects of sun, wind and (sea) salt.

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