SUMMER HAIR STYLESLong, medium long or short hair: natural, free hair styles for summer

Summer! Choose a hair style that gives you a sense of freedom and relaxation. It’s the time to get a new cut. It does not matter whether you have short, medium or long hair―the natural looks are most appropriate for the holiday season. The less time you have to spend on your hair, the more time you have to celebrate the holidays

Summer hair styles for a free, relaxed feeling

During the holidays, we want to be free in all respects. Free from work, free of obligations and also free from too much to worry about our appearance. The holiday calls for a free and easy look. Search with your stylist for a holiday hair style that is not too slick-looking, and one which requires very little work on your part. Throughout the year though we walk the line and we spend a lot of time on our hair―especially at work where a particular image is often very important. But in the summer it’s different. The summer sun and sea give us a hand; a healthy color, a sun-kissed hue and the relaxed way we spend our days makes us naturally beautiful. And we have no time to spend on artificial hair styles.

Wild hair in the summer breeze

In the summer, choose a hair style that does not require extensive styling. Go for a haircut that is good even without brush or comb. It must be cut so that it falls in a natural way. Even with a riven cut you should still look fabulous. Let hair styles with sleek and sharp lines, even severe bobs, be what they are. Opt for a layered style that gives a free form to your hair.

Summer is also a time when you can choose a pony. It’s better to choose a long strand. If you want to do it by the book, then you let it grow for a while so you go into the summer with no bangs. Think about a pony in the spring because having hair on your head in the summer feels like a clumsy giant. When heat sticks it to your forehead, it’s much easier to just quickly put on a hair band or set it up if you do not have a pony.

A new look for summer thrill seekers!

Summer is also the season of choice for getting a new look. If you want to experiment a bit, then this is the time to have a very different hair style. If you want to try something shorter, the holiday is an ideal time to experiment with your hair. In addition, a well-cut short hair style is often spicier than longer hair that commits you constantly to a ponytail. Short or mid-length hair, which moves in the wind provides a much freer and sexier feeling!

Colors for the holidays? Go a shade darker than usual

On holiday you want to look your natural best. Therefore, we often decide to update our look, which often includes our hair color. If you go blonder, then you’ll have a pretty easy summer. “The sun loves blonde, but it doesn’t love dark colors,” is a rule of thumb that we have heard. Once a hairdresser told us the sun is still blonder than blonde. So go ahead and get a few highlights in the summer.  Exposure to the sun does the rest, because not only does the sun lighten the dyed or bleached part of your hair but also the outgrowth where your natural color is. For a twist before the holidays, dye your hair darker than the color specialists recommend, because the sun will lighten it anyway.

Styling and hair care during summer holidays

If you choose a natural hair cut just before the holidays, then you can safely leave your hair dryer and flat iron at home. Who needs them! But be sure to put good hair products in your suitcase. Styling products give your haircut extra power, and don’t forget to bring products that protect your hair from the damaging effects of the sun, sea and chlorine in the pool. Some hairdressers recommend to choosing a protective, oil-based product so that your hair cuticle cannot be penetrated by salt and chlorine. It is even better if you protect your hair against the sun’s rays with a hat. What you should not do is go into the water with unprotected, loose hair, and once relaxing on the beach or along the edge of the pool, bind it together in a wet tail. When your hair is bound together this way, salt or chlorine will take every opportunity “to bite off” your hair cuticle.

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