THICK SHINY HAIREveryone dreams of a thick, healthy, shiny hair. But there are few who can really be proud of having it naturally. Most of us continue to search. Dissatisfaction sometimes makes us think about cutting our hair, or taking other drastic measures to get the beautiful, healthier hair we want. We convince ourselves―sometimes against our better judgment―that we’re taking the right step. But often enough, that’s not true.

Are you about to commit an “act of desperation” (a visit to the hairdresser or the purchase of a miraculous but also expensive hair product)? If so, think about this article first.

You’re not going to grow hair faster with a cut
Do not think your hair will grow faster or thicker if you cut it regularly. You’ll just have less of it. Of course, it is important to keep your hair―especially at the ends―in good condition. A cut is often the best solution for dry, split ends (see below).

Split ends cannot be cured
Many people buy expensive silicone sprays or other miraculous remedies in the hope that split ends will close again. Split ends don’t recover. They only get worse, because the hair can even split up to the root. A cut is the only cure. But prevention is even better! Good hair care with salon products is the basis for a beautiful head of hair.

Frequent washing is not harmful
It’s okay to decide not to wash your hair every day so it won’t look dry. But you should know that washing it every day doesn’t dry out your hair … as long as you use high quality products! If you don’t know what’s best for your hair type, seek advice from your hairdresser.

Do you wear your hair in a ponytail because you don’t want to see how bad it looks?
If you’re wearing your hair in a ponytail because you won’t see how bad it looks, then it may be time to stop and take better care of your hair. If you want to keep your hair healthy, then it’s better not to pull it back tightly too often and certainly not with tight bands. In time it may break or even fall out. Let it hang loose for a while (and nourish it with good products) and you will see that it is going to look better. If you do not want to lose your hair, put it up very loosely with pins.

Do you brush your hair 100 strokes every night because Grandma said it was good for you? Today’s experts believe that too much brushing is not good for your hair (especially when wet) because hard brushing pulls at the hair follicles which can affect hair growth. Today experts prefer that you brush your hair as little as possible and use a good conditioner so you have no tangles after washing.

Have you decided not to wear a hat this summer because it’s not good for your hair? Come on then and quickly change your mind. No ponytail can protect your hair the way a hat or cap can! So there’s no reason not to wear one. In fact, you’d better be wearing one, because not only will it protect your facial skin from the harmful effects of the sun, but also your scalp. We frequently forget that the sun can burn the scalp, and a sunburned scalp damages the quality of your hair for good. (You can also protect your scalp with sunscreen instead of a hat―just rub the cream in your hair. A “wet look” on the beach is still fashionable!

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