Sometimes the things we want for our hair hurt it. Paints, blow drying, tight braids or tails and hard brushing are all examples. Here are ten top tips to keep your hair as beautiful and healthy as possible. Start Now!

    1. Don’t brush your hair too long or hard. You’ll get more split ends this way.
    2. Use mild hair products and avoid dyeing and chemical treatments as much as possible.
    3. Always dilute your shampoo with water. Put a little water in a glass, add a palmful of shampoo and mix it up. Apply the diluted shampoo to wet hair.
    4. If possible, let your hair dry air. If you need to style your hair, let it air dry damp, and only then blow it dry.
    5. When blow drying, always apply a hair product that protects your hair from the heat of the dryer. Also protect your hair carefully from the sun with a special hair product―and  better yet―a hat.
    6. Brush or comb your hair until it’s partially dry. Wet hair is very fragile. Only curls or coarse hair need to be wet brushed, and this should always be done with caution.
    7. Experiment with using curling irons, blow dryers and straighteners on lower temperatures. Sometimes you can achieve the same result at a lower temperature. It saves your hair a lot of heat damage, so don’t automatically go to the highest setting.
    8. Use gel and varnish sparingly. For example, do not pull your hair back tightly every day after using a generous portion of gel (the less often the better). Your hair will suffer from it, and may eventually even fall out.
    9. Try not to use the blow dryer or flat iron every day. You can do better hair styling right after washing your hair, and it stays nice for a few days afterward. This means that you need to protect it against rain and wind. Style your hair properly
    10. Beware of tight tails, buns, braids and hair extensions. Save these things for special occasions but do not make them part of your everyday hair style. Manipulate your hair as little as possible, and then you’ll keep it as beautiful as possible!

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