HEALTHY HAIR CAREWill you return rested and relaxed from vacation, with your hair screaming trouble? Don’t grab the phone to make an appointment with your stylist and the scissors. Read this first, then pause and think. You can always cut later.

Sun, sea, salt, wind, chlorine … The styling tongs, hair dryers and all the wonder-gel or varnish you have applied for a lavish evening lavish―after a long day at the beach― and you want to style your hair in the latest style. Not a good move for your hair.  Hair takes a hard hit from summer and protests after all the hardship with a dry, dull and dry appearance. Is it any wonder it rebels?


Time for a boost to your hair:

Rule 1: wash your hair with a (ultra) nourishing shampoo and conditioner

The best products can always be found at the hairdresser. You may be making an appointment for a haircut, but then you walk around with your hairdresser for specific advice on hair care products (shampoo and conditioner) that match your hair condition and type. They may cost more than the products you find in the supermarket shelves (which are supposed to give quick results), but you will end up happily focusing on the quality of your hair.

Rule 2: massage your scalp

Not only your hair, but your scalp, too, has suffered from sun and sea. Massage your scalp thoroughly while washing your hair, to stimulate blood circulation and remove dead skin cells. There are even scrubs for your scalp that can work miracles, especially after a summer break Further, use hair products that are not only good for your hair, but also gentle on your scalp.

Rule 3: time for a mask!

Your hair has gone through a lot the last few weeks, and has come up short. Feed it with a nourishing mask. If you have the opportunity to so, leave it on overnight. Put an old towel on your pillow to avoid stains on it.

Rule 4: ban rubber bands and other “torture” for your hair

If you remember a few days before you go back to work, let your hair relax during the day, give it a rest. Let it hang loose and don’t torture it with rubber bands, pins, hats or fixing gels.

Rule 5: style your hair with cold air

Try styling your hair with cold air. It takes a little longer and your hair might end up a little less perfect, but you’ll be giving it a break, and your hair will do well with it.

Rule 6: Do not pull your hair in, consider leaving it loose

Do not pull your hair tight after a week of rest and proper precautions, please consider leaving it loose. Keep in mind that a haircut makes your hair stronger. It looks better after getting a cut it needs.

Rule 7: Pale tan?

If your hair is dull, talk to your stylist about what to do. If it’s a matter of gloss, then you might consider having it “reconstructed.” Your hairdresser may say that the color became pale, but do not go for an aggressive color. Highlights here and there can do wonders. Ask the stylist just to treat the top layer of your hair. You hardly see the layers underneath and it would be a shame to unnecessarily expose the hair to chemicals (is also saves your wallet, too).


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