Terry Barber’s glossy makeup look

Terry BarberMinimalist makeup looks are at it again. Less is more!Trendy Style interviewed makeup upgoeroe Terry Barber, Director of Artistry MAC, backstage at the show Frankie Morello for autumn and winter 2013 2014.Terry Barber is one of the pioneers of minimalist looks.He told us more about the make-up he created for this show. It’s a look in order to imitate!

” The inspiration for the makeup for the Frankie Morello show was the idea of a modern, almost futuristic statue. Unmoved, cold, refined. Eyes, lips … all in the face is the same color. ”

Gray and beige eyeshadow eyeliner

” For this look I just used a little grayish eye shadow to the eyes, and that as a kind of wax faded. The eye make-up, I finished with a beige eye pencil. For the lips I have a pale beige color chosen.

Gloss on the cheekbones and eyelids

” The cheekbones I accented with blush and then I have my fingers tipped as colorless gloss on the top of the cheekbones and on the eyelids. I use gloss nowadays prefer for this kind of special accents and not for the lips. I find it so much more modern. ”

Cool and sophisticated makeup look

” The whole look is something of a statue from the future and is very cool about it. I think this is a look that many women do something with it. It looks like you have only used little makeup but it is also very innovative and sophisticated. ”

The secret of this minimalist look is’m so in glossy touch on the cheekbones and eyelids. Terry Barber used for this look a colorless gloss (MAC Clear Gloss). You just tap some on your skin and you’re done! See the photos but once and then go do it yourself.

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