Undercut hairstyles are the trend

Undercut hairstyles are the trend

Looking for an original short hairstyle with a feminine touch? Perhaps this hairstyle with long top length and shaved neck for you.Undercut hairstyles are fully. The rebellious look is the public conquering.

Undercut hairstyles

Undercut hairstyles and hair lengths contrasting winter 2012 2013 remain in vogue. It is a trend that we’ve seen a few seasons, and that really is going to penetrate. Among the general public Especially among young people, this popular look. First chose mostly young men before, now we go this spicy hairstyles also increasingly seen in girls and women.


Undercut hairstyles are the trend1
Undercut hairstyle

Undercut hairstyles among models

Even a single fashion model dares to undercut hairstyle. A common example is Alice Dellal. As one of the first she showed up with a long-hair-undercut in which the hair is shaved on one side of the head. The sharp contrast in her height is accentuated by different hair colors. The long locks are blonde, while the short side has a sort of dark roots.

Other models followed her example. We saw backstage at the fashion show Ermanno Scervino for winter 2012 2013 in Milan the model that you see in the pictures above. In short, this hair style down on a bob that of the back is shaved in the neck. The hair is carefully cut. The long strand creates a feminine look. However, the unexpected undercut rear gives the hairstyle pit.

Undercut with short sides and rear, Yasmin Le Bon


And if you remember Yasmin Le Bon, you might be surprised to hear that the now 47-year-old top model from the 80s recently exhibited in public with an undercut that not only the neck is limited but well short sides exhibits. The long top length is a lock that framed her face. From the side, it has something of a mohawk hairstyle.

Other celebrities with a undercut hairstyle, the British singer Sarah Harding, the R & B singer Cassie Ventura and not to mention Rihanna!

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