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Tips For Healthy and Beautiful Hair

A visit to a hair specialist or a consultation with your stylist can do wonders for your hair. Not only because these experts can recommend the right products, but also because they can tell you what you can do with your hair. Again, a healthy, beautiful you is the goal.

For months my long hair was dry and showed split ends. Because I wanted to grow it longer I wasn’t worried about getting it cut. Coloring was continued, after a paint job it always looked acceptable and shiny. But this effect disappeared faster each time. Furthermore, maintaining the outgrowth was time-consuming and costly.

When people around me started to make comments about the quality of my hair, it was clear that I had to take action. The first step was actually by chance. I interviewed a hair expert for an article. To explain how her consultations are supposed to work, she took my hair as a starting point.

With the scalp everything was fine, but my hair seemed to break down. Along the entire length “too many chemical treatments” was the severe judgment, especially from behind and especially on the top layer, my hair was bad. “The bottom layer has less to endure in line,” she explained to me. “It is less exposed to the sun, and during the blow we often spend more attention to the upper layer, thus it must endure more heat,”

When the hairdresser asked me if I had bleached my hair, I answered, “No.” “Strange,” she said, because toward the points it was green. “It certainly seems like that you’ve bleached it.” Then I remembered that about one and a half years ago I had to paint it―indeed, about three shades lighter. Until then, I had been darker, but so my hair still showed traces of my light period.

I knew, of course, I immediately had to get a cure. First, my scalp was massaged with aromatic oils containing rosemary and other soothing ingredients. Thereafter, the scalp hair was washed and treated with a product the basis of which was keratin to strengthen and add more volume. The polymers in the same product would ensure that there would be no further breakdown of the hair, and would also improve its structure. The treatment should be repeated once a month

Usually I’m skeptical, but I must say that after this treatment, my hair felt more resilient and stronger (maybe stiffer). It was as if the structure had really changed. Unfortunately I was not given the opportunity to go back for another treatment, but the first step was put in place.

The next step was a few inches of outgrowth. Since I (still) do not have gray hair, I do not actually paint. So I was determined to leave this era behind me and I asked the hairdresser to get my hair, which now had all the colors of the rainbow in it, to paint with a color that was as close to my own hair color to avoid outgrowth in the future.

We had an animated discussion. I know that my own hair contains little red, but it took a lot of energy to convince them that I wanted a little red color. After much deliberation, she made a color set that she had never made her life. So dull!

But it was the perfect color. I had no outgrowth. But the green tinge at the points reappeared when the color faded. Again I went to the salon and by chance found the same hairdresser. I yet again asked for color advice, and was told, “If you want a nice color without the green tint, then you will have to stop bleaching but then you’ll have to color again.”

That was one of the last things I wanted to expose my dry hair to. I explained this to the hairdresser. She stayed with her color advice, but came up with a constructive alternative solution: do not paint, cut the hair a good deal, use a good hair mask and hair products for the treatment at home. It turned out to be one of the most valuable advice that I’d had in ages.

After cutting, my hair felt instantly fuller, and healthier, too. The barren, faded colors were gone. After blow drying, I had a fuller head of hair than I’d had in years. It was shorter, yes, but that has now grown. I don’t have my hair colored, and once a week I use an intensive hair mask and will not touch up the first gray hair with paint. And my hair will be better for it (my wallet too, for that matter!)

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