WHAT DOES YOUR HAIR SAY ABOUT YOUScarlett Johansson changed her hair color for her role in the film, “The Nanny Diaries.” Her golden locks gave way to a deep chocolate brown color. Scarlett, who is now considered one of the sexiest women on earth, suddenly took on a very different appearance.

Not everyone will like Scarlett’s metamorphosis, and we can argue about different tastes, but what we can  agree on is that a hair color change like Scarlett’s is a radical one. Your hair color, along with your face, really determines the image that others have of you. We should never underestimate the impact our choice of hair color and style makes on others!

Gentlemen prefer blondes
Everyone knows that gentlemen prefer blondes. Blonde hair is perceived as sexy, seductive, or “femme fatale.” At the same time, we also associate blonde with summer―a wonderful season―with youth, vitality and perhaps even with a healthy dose of naughtiness.

Brown stands for “reliable”
The brown colors make a reliable impression. Auburn, mocha and chocolate are warm tones that exude certainty and security. Blonde hair is often associated with wild love affairs and “femmes fatales,” but brown is more reminiscent of the perfect life partner, a soul mate, an eternal love.

Red is for impetuous temperament
Red is traditionally linked to passion. Red hair stands for character, and stubbornness. It’s not for nothing that people say redhead = hothead. Red is different, striking, and never commonplace. With red hair, you give a strong message. You are irresistible to some, but you keep others at a distance with your impetuous temper.

Black is mysterious and exotic
Black hair is mysterious and exotic. A deep black color is often associated with impenetrability, or a haze of mysticism. Black hair has a strong, but very different attraction than blonde hair. Whereas blonde hair stands for openness and cheerfulness, black hair stands for reticence, and that one should be instinctively cautious in approaching such a person.

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