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You can have beautiful hair, but it’s hard to stand by and do nothing is you have split ends. Split ends have a different color than the rest of your hair and they look dry and withered out. We asked Silvia Pagani, an expert on hair and scalp health, more about it.

Silvia first told us more about the formation of split ends. They can be the result of inadequate or improper care of your hair. If your hair (especially near the scalp) doesn’t get enough nutrients, it complicates healthy hair growth. Furthermore, damage occurs at its oldest growth and if you have long hair that means growth that is several years old. The ends of the hair are affected first. The use of hot blow dryers and styling irons and treatments such as colors or perms can also cause split ends. And worse, some people are simply more prone to split ends than others.
About the only remedy for split ends, says Silvia, is to cut them off. There’s nothing else to do. Once you have split ends, cutting them remains the only solution.

A cut is the only solution

This is easy if you wear your hair long. You can cuts the ends off and it always looks nice and further splits are prevented if hair is care for regularly. But if you have a layer of hair where the split ends start higher up, then it is difficult. Silvia says that she removes the damaged points with a haircut in those cases and treats the remaining points with a product that inhibits further breakage. But it remains an artifice, says Silvia. Anything you do to the hair itself is aesthetic. If you want to tackle the cause, then you do so from the scalp, the base of the hair, you should see results. That is done with treatments that nourish and keep the scalp healthy.

Palliative to split ends

To temporarily camouflage split ends, however, there are silicone products hold the ends together. Hair looks beautiful and healthy again―until it is washed. Once you wash out the product, the points come back again. It remains a palliative.

Proper care

Proper care still remains the foundation of beautiful hair. It is therefore very important in the fight against split ends to care for your hair properly, and with the right products. Then it will be possible to prevent the occurrence of split ends. In the meantime, it is difficult, but you can improve the situation.

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