What does your hairstyle tell us about you

How does your hairstyle describes you best

Hairstyle Tips-- create a new hair look with small changes

By changing the part in your hair, you can easily create a new look. But sometimes a change isn’t an improvement. The part in your hair is not a matter of just pick it and go. Depending on hair trends, the separation in your hair should be one that suits your face well.

But how do you know which partition works well for you? Where to draw the line? Is a side part better than a middle part? If so, how high or low should it be? There are a number of theories and rules of thumb that you can consider about where to make the best “separation.”

The natural separation

It tends to “follow nature.” The natural separation is often the separation that best suits you and many hairdressers recommend that you keep it. Do not have a natural separation if you want a change you can see results from. Theories below.

The center part

The center part usually shows the least mercy. This separation requires a highly symmetrical and harmonious face (and, unfortunately, very few people are so blessed). A part in the middle may make catwalk models look good, but in everyday life (let’s be realistic) this part is often less flattering.

The nose theory for the side part

The center part brings us directly to the nose theory. A middle part accentuates the nose. Do you have a big nose, or would rather not draw attention to your nose? If so, go for a side part.

This brings us directly to the first rule of thumb. The nose should be the basis for choosing your part.

Some hairdressers believe that almost no one has a fully symmetrical face and the nose always leans a little more to the left or right. The nose theory takes this statement as a starting point. In practice it means that you have to be critical. Examine your nose in the mirror. Angle your nose to the right and then part your hair on the right side part and brush your hair to the left. Then angle your nose to the left, and make a side part on the left and brush your hair to the right. In this way, you can find the part that best balances your face.

The eye theory for the side part

The theory that appeals to us most is the eye theory. We have noticed that many people instinctively apply this theory.

Again taking hairdresser’s non-symmetry theory of our face as a starting point, let’s look at the eyes. Our two eyes are seldom identical. One eye is always slightly larger than the other. Look in the mirror to find which eye is smaller and which eye is bigger (on photos that you often see this very well). Pull the side part to the side of the smallest eye. The side part “opens” the eye, as it were.

There are even hairdressers who do not speak in terms of “bigger” or “smaller,” but of “the most beautiful eye” and the “less beautiful eye.” This variant of the eye theory recommends to draw the side part to the side of the most beautiful eye The focus will be on this side, and in addition, you can draw attention away from your less beautiful eye.

The eyebrow positioning theory of the side part

This looks like math (and it is a bit). Our appearance is all about finding balance, and symmetry and balance. It will therefore come as no surprise that there is a “formula” for finding the exact location of the side part.

The starting point for this is the eyebrow on the side of the side part. The rules are as follows:

  • For a (classical) high side part, take the inner corner of your eyebrow as a starting point.
  • For a mid-side part, take the highest point of your eyebrow as a starting point.
  • For a very low (modern) side parting, take the outer end of your eyebrow as a starting point.

Our advice for a good looking hair style

Our advice is to combine the different theories together and then take to the trends of the moment into account to eventually find the separation that works best for you. An example: if a side part under the nose is better for you than a middle part, but the center part is in fashion, then you would go with a high side part on the basis of the brow theory.

What does your part say about you?

And then there is also a theory which states that the part in your hair says something about your personality. With this theory, a distinction is made between men and women.

    • Women with a left side part are found in public careers, have broad interests and are sometimes a bit masculine.
    • Women with a side part are ultra-feminine, sweet and soft but sometimes maybe not taken too seriously.
    • Men with a left side part are successful and strong.
    • A man’s right side part would go against the grain. This part could indicate a controversial position or nonconforming behavior. Confident men dare to wear side parts.
  • Middle parts would not be very balanced in general and would not inspire confidence.

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