Our hair is subject to wear. Sun, sea and cold weather work their damage on it. But the hair, the flat iron, teasing and even sanding your hair along your clothing (or classical tashengsel that hangs over your long hair and pulls), bring about damage. And that’s not even mentioning color and other chemical treatments. So it’s not surprising that hairdressers are increasingly focused on health, and sometimes even on the “reconstruction” of your hair.

Decrease of keratin

Shiny, healthy hair is the trend of the moment. There is increasing attention paid to the quality and condition of hair. Beautiful hair is an accessory, like jewelry and we must be mindful of that and take good care of it.

Unfortunately, hair is very fragile, and is subject to wear. If you do not take care, it loses volume and gloss as it gets longer and split ends can develop. Sometimes hair is damaged by aggressive coloring by the hairdresser or the wrong type of permanent. All these phenomena could ultimately be traced back to one thing: the decline of keratin.

Keratin Treatments

This idea behind keratin treatments was developed by increasingly sophisticated hairdressers to treat damaged hair. The keratin is an aesthetic salon treatment that gives hair a younger and fuller appearance. When the product is applied to the hair, the hair is better protected and further wear is prevented as much as possible. The amino acids in this treatment attach themselves to the hair, which is “reconstructed.” The result is immediate. Your hair looks instantly shinier and thicker. Long hair seems to enjoy special benefits from a keratin treatment, because it breaks down more slowly.

A keratin treatment can be given right after the coloring of blonde hair because the hair has been faded, so to speak and will take the keratin directly. But if you have darker hair dye, then the keratin will need some time to sit because all of the hair color has “engorged” the hair. Between color and keratin

let’s do keratin

We all want  to see the results with our own eyes. And so I had to have a keratin  treatment myself. It consisted of four sections:

  1. Deep cleansing shampoo

    First, a special cleansing shampoo made ​​my hair sparkle. This shampoo penetrates deep into the hair like a sponge and removes any residue of products, but also drug residues and other substances that might hinder the effect of the keratin. Moreover, the shampoo opens the hair cuticle so that the keratin will penetrate. The shampoo should sit on the hair for three minutes and then rinsed away.

  2. A reconstructive product

    The shampoo made the PH level of my hair a little elevated. Therefore, a reconstructive product is used to bring back the hair back to its natural state. At this point, the stylist declares my hair completely clean and moisturized.

  3. Keratin

    Now the actual keratin product is applied to my hair. This is done with a massage performed “with the hair” and “against the hair” in order to ensure that the keratin penetrates as deeply as possible. Then the product needs to set for about 15 minutes. This is done under a moderately hot dryer or, in my case, with natural thermal heat (just a hair cap). Heat activates the keratin. After 15 minutes, my hair is rinsed.

  4. Nourishing mask

    Finally, a nourishing mask is applied that fixes the treatment. Altogether, the treatment takes about half an hour.

The result? The first thing I noticed is that my hair feels very different. It feels thicker, appears to have increased in size (that’s because the hair is engorged with keratin). In the weeks after the treatment, I noticed that my hair (which still continues to feel different during washing) also allowed for easier styling. It is better in every way, and it also has a nice shine. Unfortunately, the wonderful effects disappeared after a month.

Are keratin treatments addictive?

Getting a keratin treatment (a good quality treatment) gives wonderful results. My stylist assured me that it’s not at all harmful to my hair and, according to a good friend, it arouses the jealousy of other women over your shiny hair.

What you have to take into account is that the effect disappears in the course of time. Hair is not fixed, just temporarily reconstructed. Once you have tasted this treatment, then you want to repeat it every month, over and over again. If your hair is really damaged then after you come in the first time, you may come back once a week, but once your hair is back to normal, then you can have it treated about once a month. Fortunately, the cost of treatments is relatively low, because you’re going to want to keep on getting them just to enjoy how great your hair feels.

Don’t confuse keratin with the Brazilian hair treatment

You want to do a keratin, be sure you find a good hairdresser who does an effective reconstructive keratin treatment―with no chemicals! A keratin treatment should not be confused with the Brazilian blow dry, a treatment that aims to straighten the hair and also uses keratin, but in most cases, so we have been told, contains chemicals.

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