APPLYING EYELASHES: How do you put on fake eyelashes?

How to Apply Eyelashes

How to apply eyelashesLong, dark eyelashes have long been a beauty ideal, desired by every woman.  A sensual woman lowering her long, thick eyelashes make for an extra sexy glance.

Mascara is and will always be one of the main makeup accessories. Apply several coats for a vivid glance, you can also opt for false eyelashes. Contrary to what you may think, fake eyelashes are used primarily to create a beautiful, but perfectly natural look. Eyelashes do not need to look artificial. If you use natural looking lashes and put them on the right way, they make you more beautiful without anybody noticing that you are wearing fake eyelashes.


Today there are many types of eyelashes available: auburn lashes, blonde eyelashes, really long lashes, eyelashes that you can use along the entire length of your eyelid or even small tufts.

It’s really amazing how you can use fake eyelashes to achieve a natural look. Some people have very short eyelashes, while some lucky few were born with long eyelashes. The fake eyelashes can easily give you the exact length you desire.

How do you put on fake eyelashes?

  • Put it on before applying makeup on your eyes
  • If you have no experience with fake eyelashes, start with eyelashes that span the entire length of your eye (tufts are harder to put on).
  • There is usually a little tube of glue that comes in the package with the eyelashes. Apply it carefully, not on the hairs, but on strand to which the hairs are attached.
  • Hold one of the eyelashes against your eyelid to check its length. If it is too long, cut it short with a pair of scissors (on the outside).
  • Apply a thin line of glue on the lashes. Ensure that no glue gets on your fingers, otherwise you may risk smearing your eyelashes with glue while putting it on.  Try getting it perfect the first attempt (by applying a thicker layer of adhesive).
  • Start from the inner corner. Press the fake eyelash gently to your real eyelashes. Follow along towards the outer corner of your eye. Press the lashes gently with a curler (or the rounded back of a small makeup Brush – which is softer and less dangerous to your eye)
  • The lashes may feel uncomfortable and cause your eyes to tear up. Wait quietly. Usually the symptoms will disappear within a few minutes. If the symptoms persist, then remove the fake lashes and re-apply, but this time slightly further from the inner corner of the eye.
  • Now you may proceed to decorate the eye. To mask the line of the fake lashes you can a line along your lashes with black eyeliner. Put mascara carefully on both your own eyelashes and fake eyelashes.
  • Afterwards, you can easily remove the false lashes by pulling on the outer hairs.


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