Find out if you are a brand freak

brand freakRecently I caught myself … between the last remnant of shoes and boots on sale; I was not looking for the most beautiful models, but especially to the copies of the most famous designers. Not the model, but a sonorous name was my guide. Am I still a brand freak?

What ‘really’ is it with us? Are we finally all “brand freaks? All sensitive (made) for the big names that we see constantly in the glossies? Or in the end, is it anyways the same for us? The answer will be different for each person.

So there are girls and women who refuse to wear garments of the big brands because there is always a label or brand name in sight attached and they are sure that people wear them to show off. There are also those who make a sport out of it with little money to dress anyways to look as fashionable as possible. Others think that it’s not worth to spend lots of money on designer clothes because fashion changes so quickly and so you end up sitting on everything. And still others choose a kind of middle ground, save for a single designer piece (an accessory or a single garment of a famous brand) which they combine them with cheaper garments, precisely because the combination of expensive / cheap is so cool. And there are those who get a kick out of just one which is also the celebrity of the moment: sunglasses!

Under which category I caught myself? During the sale of certain ‘brand sensitivity’ Oh … I can find myself in all positions. A fashion freak, I am no more (I admit it!) And I do not really pull my nose up at the trendy brands. At least if my budget stays within limits.

But where the boundaries lie ultimately, that will be different for everyone. What do you think about it? How (not) important is brand shopping for you? Mail (without mentioning specific brands) us your feedbacks. The best responses we will publish below.

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