avoid being the victom of adultery


Adultery in a relationship is much more common than is generally assumed. Take a detailed look into the love lives of friends, colleagues, family and friends and your fearful suspicions will be confirmed soon: cheating is not really so out of the ordinary.

In many cases the cheater blamed his betrayal on the partner or on his genes, saying there is little he can do about it, it’s just a natural thing to him. Another excuse he can give is that he thought his partner was cheating as well so he thought his actions were justified. The excuses for adultery are as endless as there are days.

Perhaps you can think of why your partner may cheat on you. Strangely enough there are usually any number of reasons any individual may have to cheat on their partner. Think about what could possibly be the first sign that you would have to recognize in your partner. Or maybe the list below will help you. In any case, try to avert the impending doom at the first signs and save your relationship.

Little interest in sex.
If your partner has no interest in sex with you, that means something is not right. Often the partner imagines how it would be with another person and as long as it remains simply a fantasy, you need not worry but if he goes into action, it is too late.

If you notice you spend less and less time together because of his stressful job and/or busy social life (which he may not have had before), it seems a clear sign that he wants to spend less time with you. What is worse is if he wants to spend more time with someone else.Very “busy” schedule.

Outside intervention.

Your partner should be your best friend, so if you notice him singing strange songs with lyrics like “She understands me like no other”, be sure to watch closely. Songs like that can be detrimental to your relationship. Take a close look at your union to see if there are any underlying problems you can solve.

Constantly arguing.
If you barely speak to each other during your holiday and always seem to be quarreling when something is said, or if your partner is increasingly retreating alone in a corner away from you and seems agitated, there is something wrong in your relationship. Do something! Try to discuss without falling back into the old pattern of blaming and finger pointing. It is difficult, but it’s worth a try.

If we are to fix something in our relationships, we need to be able to recognize the indication of problems. Often we simply do not want to see them, so we choose not to. Although this article is written with some humor, it is all said in honesty as well, that the basis of adultery is, to a large extent, due to a lack of communication between the two partners. Focus on maintaining a close relationship with your partner and make everything negotiable. This will help strengthen the foundation and hopefully keep the love alive.

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