How to avoid duplicate purchases


avoid duplicate purchasesSeven trench coats, four pairs of boots in the same style, six pencil skirts, two linen dresses the same but in different colors. As I point at my wardrobe, it becomes clear that I’m actually getting the same garments for fall. On one hand you could say that I am true to my style, but on the other hand, I often wonder what to do with all these copies. Why do I need skirts, pants and T-shirts in plural? Shouldn’t I better buy different things?

My mind is made up. From this moment I will do no more duplicate purchases. And to that end I conjured myself a number of tips and advices:

The impulse passed

While shopping nine out of ten times I caught it myself on buying garments that resemble what I’ve been hanging in the closet. They are so purchased in a boost. From now on, I will force myself at first to think about checking whether I have a similar item at home or not. Often this is the case 🙂

Moving away from the safe double sale
When I buy something that looks familiar to me, they develop the idea that I won’t be making a bad buy. ‘It’s safe’, I think to myself. ‘I’ve worn the other pencil skirt’ a lot, so with this new copy, I do doubt a good buy. It may be a safe purchase, but again, why do you have all those copies?

Another color is no longer an excuse
A trench coat in sand color, another in soft green, another one in ivory but with short sleeves. Small variations as color or a tuck here or there are no more excuses. From now on I’m going for unique purchases only. Only one of my favorite items needs to be replaced when it has become worn, broken, or too big or too small.

Only truly innovative purchases

I’m renewing my criterion: Is it really something different? It is striking new?  Is this a good touchstone to my environment? When I receive comments like “Gosh, you have a new coat …?” I know I will not repeat purchase did this time.

Informed purchase
I have found that double purchases often come from impatience. I see something in a magazine or on the catwalk, and want to create that look right away. If I see anything that comes towards that, I usually buy, even though it is often a ‘not’. Because I just exactly like that look, I proceed to find (and buy) until I find the garment of my dreams. If I had not done prior purchases that seemed like this, I would have saved a lot of duplication purchases (and money!).

Other brands, expanding shopping site
I often fall not only in terms of repeat purchases, but also by always forgetting not to go to the different boutiques that would invariably have the same brands in the collection again. And often, I see the same brands, winter or summer offering the same models back, usually slightly in a different fabric or with a small variation. And these are the garments that make me fall. So it’s time to move away from the ‘safe’ way of shopping and to resist the look!

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