Losing weight is the easy part and the difficult part is not to gain weight during holidays. Here you may find tips to lose weight and avoid gaining weight during the holidays.

avoid weight gain in holidays

Very simple! Just let it not come to that!

It’s the same story every year. When we finally catch early January the courage to stand on the scale needle invariably crept a few dashes. “It can not be!” do you terrified. “Where do those pounds come from? Perhaps the scale is broken … ”

Or maybe we are in the final weeks of the year really gone outside too much feasting and other delicacies? That seems likely, and we think that anyone who is a bit honest, will admit. Christmas dinners, Christmas stollen with food, donuts with powdered sugar, fat bubble happen … Obviously the pounds it fly! And then the weather for weeks sports, running, and lines to repair the damage. We have done, in a short time

Is not it easier to ensure that it just does not come? There really is not much needed.You just need to keep. During the most enticing (and fattening) week of the year your appetite a bit in check

But it is not so cozy! Calls one then in unison. That’s not true! We say. For a little bit to go on a diet (note, we’re not talking about “lines” – that is something else!) Can limit the damage but leaves you plenty of space to enjoy the delicious food that is inherent in the hear Christmas. But without those extra pounds!

Note the portions
permanent part of the holidays are simply the richly laden tables with the most delectable dishes, and we do not expect you to have all these goodies let alone. If you only watch the portions. Spoon hesitate a bit of everything, but keep it in small quantities. You do not run the risk that you get all the goodies eliminates large portions, with all its consequences.

Berg chocolate soup and other well
Is Christmas dinner or once supped, or guests are gone, then clear soup immediately and turn right into the closet. If you keep looking at to you soon tempted, especially if you’ve been drinking a glass at dinner and you do not take it so closely anymore.Also make sure that there is by no candy in sight between meals. Really, it’s wrong!


Learn to say “no” 
say “no” with a smile and a firm tone. And make sure you always have a plausible reason to hand for those people who just will not settle for a “no”. Because there is always someone who wants to know why something stalling … So you’re allergic to cakes, you get pimples from chocolate and you become sick snacks. It’s that simple!

Do not go with empty stomach at a party
in advance Eat an apple, low-fat yogurt or a few crackers … But do not go with empty stomach at a party. This prevents you starved embark on a variety of funky bite and you manage additionally better to keep you. Portions under control

Do not overdo it with alcohol
Not (only) because a notorious alcohol make you fat, but also because you’re pushing your limits under the influence of drink and susceptible to all kinds of temptations, even culinary temptations. Keep your cool. That helps!

Try the tastiest but also to pick the leanest snacks like
this not only applies if you’re a guest at a Christmas dinner or a drink, but also – especially! – When you cook. Choose fish or white meat and serve with fresh vegetables at least. It is a healthy, but also tasty base for a feast. Look further with fatty sauces and dressings. Be creative. This allows you a delicious dressing based on yoghurt making.

Do something
Do not stay during the holidays in the easy chair or on the couch, but go out. Take a walk, go look up a friend, but do not stay in your pajamas for television. Chances are that you dive into the refrigerator out of boredom!

Do not exaggerate
Put yourself out too much restricted. It remains a festive period and you would surely enjoy. The festive month of December is all but the beginning of a fixed period or a slimming diet. You only want to limit the damage a bit.

Do yourself a subscription to the gym gift!
From the new year, of course. You have then very little is needed to take action immediately in January and who knows you succeed in the coming year to the summer to look forward to. Slim and sleek

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