Avoid unreasonable shoppings: Be a smart buyer

SMART SHOPPING TIPSSmart buys in the cart may be: leather jackets, pants with flared legs, envelope bags, ultra-feminine blouses and chic garments in brocade, chiffon, silk or satin. Do not buy: skinny jeans and yellow (unless you put it on directly)

Are you ready to go headlong in sales? We are! But before we go to buy indiscriminately we will first consider here, purely to protect ourselves and especially our wallets against ill-considered purchases. Because in our enthusiasm we (but you might not) sometimes come home with bad buys. Therefore, we have done some homework first and have figured out what we can and cannot go buy in sales (let’s hope it works out to keep us) for ourselves. In addition, we already have cast a glance at trends for winter mode (more on trendy style), so we’ll have fun.

Well buy:

All those summery and trendy things at a bargain price that can contribute to your looks directly (and actually attracts directly)
Bikinis, gladiator sandals, shorts, summer dresses, tops, tunics, beach bags, sunglasses … Anything you put on directly is good, and you’ll seem indispensable fashionable for the day when the stuff for this summer is in the cart … As long as they are provided with a very attractive price tag. Otherwise breathe and walk through because these are typically trendy stuff that you probably do not want to wear next year summer.

Jeans with flared or straight legs
Trousers are really widening this winter. Flared or straight leg jeans that you find on sale, you’ll probably wear also all winter. We consider it a great purchase!

Super feminine blouses
‘super feminine blouse trend’ continues. And you can never have enough blouses. Go for super chic models with ruffles, bows, crafted collars, shirt fronts and high-necked collars, preferably in expensive (looking) materials like silk, satin and chiffon.

Statement shoes
This winter stiletto is coming all the way back, the wedge is slowly disappearing from the scene. “High heels” and “striking” remains the key. A noteworthy trend for this winter is the combination of super-high, open shoes with socks, pantyhose and socks. So if you want to buy shoes on sale you’ll probably have fun with them also next season, then go for ‘statement’ shoes (with or without an open toe) and prefer to go with a very high heel (stilettos but thick heels).

Floral prints (but only with a dark background)
Fantasy poses with flowers remain fashion in the coming winter, but with a dark background. Keep ‘flowered’ purchases in mind so that you too have a flowery dress of winter which is quite trendy.

Black dresses
The little black dress has been in fashion for decades. All alternatives around the ideal black dress can be a quite successful and timeless purchase.

Leather jackets
We see them this summer in all colors and variations, as we are going to wear them again fully in the upcoming winter season. A nice leather jacket (preferably smallish and not too long) in a neutral – not too summery shade – can therefore be a wonderful sales purchase (especially because leather is rather pricey, especially if you must resign the full price)

Envelope bags
Everyone knows them from pictures of the past: the envelope bags. Flat, usually leather bags with a flap that you keep under your arm or in your hand nonchalantly. They come back and we have seen them in different summer collections. This is what you can purchase this winter to save an up-to-date figure (if you already bought it, then you’re obviously quite avant-garde).

Luxurious materials and volume
Silk, brocade, satin, chiffon and preferably whole clouds of them! Whether it’s a dress or a chic blouse it is the trend for this winter. If you encounter something on sale and the price tag is desired, we would say buy!

Your dream thing! If the garment that you dreamed for months is finally marked down, then now is the time to get started. But be honest with yourself: do you really still find it beautiful? (Tip: let the item wait just a little while at the checkout)

Do not buy:

Beware yellow! 
You will be bombarded with it right now, but winter is the helm again. Many fashion colors seen are mostly black, red, fuchsia and purple, but also neutral tones like gray, pale pink, white powder and everything behind it (winter white, ice white, cream white, etc.). Keep that in mind when you make purchases.

Too trend-sensitive items which are still costly
Of course it’s great when you see expensive designer clothes for half (or less) of the price. But do you really wear them? Or is it just a “have to”? Ask yourself before you put down a still significant amount for a super trendy outfit that is out of fashion in about three – four months.

bet you your closet is packed with skinny jeans? It’s time to throw them away. Go for a wider (nail) pants (or get that straight models of years ago reappeared).

the wrong size
Even though it’s a sellout, do not compromise on the measure. If you feel that the item is not your size, always go for the best fit and the color that you had in your head. Do not be persuaded by the price tag. And from personal experience, we would like to add that you should not buy torn or damaged garments … unless you’re handy with a needle and thread!

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