Shiny hues and sensual lips on the catwalk

The best beauty secrets are those used backstage at fashion shows. Behind the scenes at Massimo Rebecchi’s show in Milan, we met makeup artist Jabe. The Parisian makeup artist works with luxury fashion labels like Chloe, Christian Lacroix, Louis Vuitton; she also has connections to Lancôme. For Rebecchi’s winter show (2011/2012), Jabe opted for dark red lips, that is “a little retro, but also very modern.” (Photo: backstage at Massimo Rebecchi Winter 2011 2012)

A little glamor without being too obvious

Every season I’ll be working on Rebecchi’s collections. This time he has a glamor girl on the catwalk, one that isn’t too refined. She is natural and beautiful with a modest touch of glamor. This is a mood that I want to recreate with makeup, that’s why I chose red, but matte lips and smooth hues with a beautiful sheen. The eyes are refined but with little makeup, I only touched it up with a little mascara. The overall look is bright and glamorous, which is reminiscent of the 40s, but is very modern at the same time.

Smooth hues

If we poke around backstage, the smooth skins of the models seem to glow. We ask Jabe to reveal the secrets of this effect.


To create this shine, I used Lancome’s Ombre Glacée Cooling Gel Illuminator. You can use differing amounts of this product to achieve different effects. If you use a lot, you get a very sophisticated effect; on the other hand, if you are use only a little, your face would look very natural. You can apply it to your eyes, on your cheekbones, wherever you want, really. Experiment with different regions of your face.”

Photos: Red lipstick and gloss huidjes backstage at Massimo Rebecchi Autumn Winter 2011 2012

Sensual lips on the catwalk

Of course, we were also curious as to how Jabe did the lips of the models.

For the lips I used Lancôme’s 151, It’s my favorite color. It’s a little retro, but with a modern texture. 151 is a ‘kissable’ red that feels old-fashioned, but somehow suited to the times. I placed a little powder atop the lipstick to attain a matte effect. It’s an old trick that does not only make your lips have a matte appearance, but it helps retain your lipstick longer and reduce bleeding, so that the wrinkles around your mouth will be much less visible.”

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