Ten Great Ways to Reuse an Old Toothbrush

Ten Great Ways to Reuse an Old Toothbrush


I don’t know about you, but I like to save my old toothbrushes. Instead of throwing them out, I clean them by running them through a cycle in the dishwasher. Once cleaned, they make the best handy little helpers for many things around my home. Here is a list of my ten favorite uses:

1. Clean cheese graters and garlic presses

2. Scrub shower tracks and in between tiles

3. Scrub away dust and dirt along baseboards

4. Clean blades on manual or electric can openers

5. Scrub away slime and soap buildup around sink faucets

6. Use as a scrubber when cleaning jewelry

7. Scrub off buildup between the teeth of hair combs

8. Use as a scrubber when spot cleaning stains from clothing and carpets

9. Scrape away crumbs from the inside the toaster (Unplugged, of course!)

10. Scrub silk hairs from corn after shucking

If you have several toothbrushes you’re reusing, be sure to label them. You certainly don’t want to use the same toothbrush for scrubbing your corn that’s been used to clean the bathroom shower tracks….Yuck!

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