Be your own style icon


be your own style iconWhat do style icons like Kate Moss, Agyness Dean, Sienna Miller and Mary-Kate Olsen, even designer Stella McCartney, have in common? They all have their own style. Logically you would say “style icons” are role models for trends.

“What do we want from the style icons?” I recently asked myself when I studied a party picture of Agyness Dean, published in a fashion magazine in detail (she wore jeans, a plaid blazer and a mega-sized Louis Vuitton bag, latest model, of course). “Do I want to look just like her? Is that what I want? To become a copy of Kate, Agyness, Sienna and Mary-Kate? “.  I have a very different look. I’m not Kate or Agyness.

Why I study the style icon pictures in the magazines than with so much attention? Is there another reason? ”Yes” I realized, ‘ I’m trying to steal their secrets unravel their style secrets‘ and that’s really not that hard. These women just have their own style. It’s simple as that.

If I don’t have the look of a style icon, then I will have to develop my own style. But how do you do that? Attentive examination of the style icons in the tabloids helps but also take a look at the models backstage at the shows (yes, they also have ‘it’) who yield the following rules and regulations:

– Follow the trends of the moment, not literally, but interpret them in your own way. Do not be a fashion victim!

– If you do not you know your own style then save photo albums of earlier posts. What did look beautiful on you as a child, as a young girl? Try to dress as a mix of those past experiences and current ‘show’ / ‘style’ available.

– Shop with intuition. Be guided by your own taste and not from friends or shop staff. Spontaneously grab a garment that you get a nice boost from.

– Do not be afraid to be seen different than others!- Combine items from previous seasons with up-to-date items. It is the mix that makes your outfit especially trendy.

– To have your own style, of course, it means that although you put stylish outfits in your own style together, you have to think. Do that, but make sure in the end it completely looks like you have them so ‘quickly’ picked together. Examples: wear a nice jacket with jeans, wear a cocktail dress and keep your hair simple, or wear nice pants with a simple t-shirt (and a super accessory!).

– Take your time to combine the various items of clothing together from your wardrobe.

– Dress for yourself, not for others, and certainly not for the men! (Especially when you are by yourself and follow your own style, you are more attractive)

-Take care of yourself in every detail (otherwise you never look Stylish), but make sure it is not ‘overdone’.

– Believe in your own style no matter others like it now or not. Wear your outfits with conviction. You are your own style icon.

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