How to choose beauty cream and lotion


Beauty Cream and Lotion

Beauty Cream and lotion

A jar of cream for a smooth, flawless skin and a bottle of lotion, for evening applications. These are two essential products, products you might want to know more about. We have interesting and useful facts in store for you.

Beauty Cream (historical factoid)

Did you know that the advancement and composition of makeup products have not changed much since the era of the ancient Romans? T

Recently, the University of Bristol analyzed from a beauty product used during the Roman times ( beauty cream that is easily 1800 years old). The research shows that women in that period used a type of cream that is a derivative of tin oxide. Fair skin was a sign of beauty then (it still is now). The same metal is still used in creams today. To make the product creamy in texture, manufacturers would use animal fats (of sheep or other animals). There is also a third ingredient in the cream. Both the cream from the Roman times and the cream we use today leave a powdery effect on the skin. Even their crème pots resemble that of the ones we use today The cream found by the investigators came in a cylindrical metal jar with a tight fitting lid. All in all, there has been very little changed throughout the centuries.


Did you know that you can use it to freshen up your face midday?

Although you apply the foundation with such care every morning, you’d inevitably find out that you look less ‘fresh’ and radiant than you did in the morning. By the end of the day, you will look dull and sallow, a far cry from the refreshed, energetic look in the mornings. However, here is a little trick that you can use: pour some lotion onto your makeup sponge, then add a small amount of foundation and dab the mixture on your skin. The lotion closes your pores and makes your skin look fresh and rested.

Did you know that you can use the lotion on your body as well?

Pour a little moisturizing lotion (without alcohol) into a clean spray bottle and pamper your body after a shower or bath with a delicious mist of lotion. It moisturizes you skin, making it feel delightfully cool and refreshed.

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