How to get perfect, glowing skin

perfect, glowing skinAn evergreen trend would be perfect, glowing skin. Below are tips for choosing foundations and concealers.

First hand beauty secrets. Senior makeup artist Every Willemen reveals how you can make your skin appear radiant and beautiful. He also teaches us how to apply foundation and concealers to achieve the best effects. (photo: Mac Mineralize Foundation)

Catwalk-hues: As radiant and beautiful as a model

This season we are going for flawless, radiant and fresh skin. The models on the catwalks are incredibly beautiful and shiny with only the barest hints of makeup or foundation. We asked senior makeup artist Every Willemen for advice on recreating the look for ourselves.


Use primers instead of coverage foundations

The trend of looking radiant with minimal makeup is favourable for those who are young and fresh-faced, but unfortunately, no one can be forever eighteen. For those past their teens, we’ll show you how to achieve the natural looks as seen on the catwalks.


According to Every Willeman, although coverage foundation is good for camouflaging spots and red veins, it is not your solution to creating perfect, flawless skin. “Coverage foundation does not always flatter your skin, sometimes it even works against you. When you use coverage foundation, you actually draw attention to the unflattering places, and it is evident that there is something you wish to hide.”


His advice is to use primers (typically used a base before applying foundation, just as primers used for actual paintings) to conceal red spots or bumps.


To alleviate redness in your skin, use MAC’s Prep + Prime Skin Base, ” notes Willemen. “A primer will ensure that the makeup stays longer, but also that the skin looks smoother. Prep + Prime Skin Base contains Mulberry extract which reduces redness, and optical diffusers which reduces the visibility of fine lines around the eyes and lips. If the need arises, you can apply a layer of light foundation over the primer. You skin should look natural and beautiful, instead of being caked with the thick, opaque layer of coverage foundation”.


Use a good concealer for pimples

We often think that heavy and opaque foundations are best for camouflaging pimples, but by using thick layers of foundation, you’ll be far from achieving a fresh-faced look. Willeman recommends using MAC’s “Select Cover-Up Concealer” to camouflage pimples. One of the plus points of this product is that it comes in a tube and is therefore more hygienic than most other products. If you really want to, you can use foundation, but opt for something more natural, like MAC’s Studio Sculpt Foundation. Another foundation that makes you look natural and brilliant is Face & Body. When used in conjunction with concealer, this foundation makes your face silky smooth and beautiful.


Use the right-colored concealer for eye bags

What do we do when our natural look is destroyed by the dark bags under our eyes?

Choosing concealer of the right color is of the utmost importance.


According to Willeman, “to conceal dark circles, examine its color. If you use concealers with the right color, you can achieve excellent results with minimal product. If you find it difficult to select the appropriate color, ask our Makeup Artists for advice. ”


If the concealer tends to accumulate in the wrinkles around the eyes, use Select’s MOISTURECOVER. This product contains a moisturizer that nourishes the delicate skin around the eyes and is ideal for when the skin around the eyes is drier and has fine lines. It provides light to medium coverage, should you find this coverage insufficient, you can use Select Cover-Up. It is important that you use small amounts of product each time.


Fight swollen eyes with caffeine

Puffy eyes can also counteract that fresh-faced look. Do not attempt to conceal them with concealer or foundation as it will just make the swelling look more obvious. To reduce the swelling, use a product with a draining effect. Each Willemen recommends Fast Response Eye Cream as this product contains caffeine and reduces bumps under the eyes.


Dull or sallow skin? Use glossy or brightening products

The flawless hues that we observe in magazines and on the catwalks often have a soft sheen, especially on the cheeks and cheekbones. We ask Each Willemen for advice on creating this effect.

To create a nice sheen on the cheekbones, use Luna’s Cream Colour Base, a kind of creamy blush that reflects light brilliantly without appearing powdery. Gloss Texture, a transparent gloss that makes your face shimmer, is also often used backstage and in the magazines.

“If you prefer using powders, then pick Mineralize Skin Finish Soft and Gentle. Brightening Serum,meanwhile, works well on the whole face, making it look radiant and just a tad paler, eliminating the dullness and sallowness of before.


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