Black eyeliner for a punk rock look


Black eyeliner for a punk look

A must-have for every woman is a black eyeliner or kohl pencil as it is extremely versatile. Black eyeliner is good for a classic retro look but also a fierce punk rock look. Backstage at Frankie Morello’s show, we bore witness to a very special variation on this theme. Terry Barber, the Director of Artistry for MAC England and Ireland, tells Trendy Style more about this look. We followed the makeup process closely and will provide step by step instructions for you to recreate the look back at home. But before that, here is our interview with Terry Barber.


Can you describe in two words, the inspiration for the makeup of Frankie Morello’s Winter 2012/2013 show?

Terry Barber: It is a mix of Egypt and punk rock influences. As the makeup is largely focused on the eyes, we used black eyeliner (MAC – Feline black kohl pencil) to create straight and geometric shapes. This look is heavily influenced by young punk girls and heavy metal, and is therefore suited to the collection.


Which elements does this look focus on?

Terry Barber: The eyes. Black eyeliner is the key product, and the eyes will be heavily made. We chose to gently outline the contours of the face and lips to give the rest of the face a natural, organic look.


How do we recreate this look for our daily makeup?

Terry Barber: Use the ’50s eyeliner to create thin black lines, as we did, and blur the corners of the eyes with your fingers. You can add some colour or stick with plain black. This look is especially popular with young girls who simply adore the combination of heavy eye shadow and naturally styled skin and lips. For the show, we have gone one step further from the straight line to a squarer, more angular shape that is very daring.


Step by step instructions for recreating the look

Step 1: Begin with the eye makeup. The basic principle is that you create a black ‘rectangle’ of sorts that ends with the inner corners of each eye. Start by outlining your eyes with the black kohl pencil. Refer to the pictures to get an idea of how it should look like.


Step 2: Create the look step by step. Draw a line or shape with the kohl pencil, then perfect the shape with the makeup brush. The order will be: pencil, brush, pencil, brush, etc. until you get the shape you desire.


Step 3: Work on the shape of your eye make-up until you are completely satisfied. If you want to, you can also opt for shapes that are different from those in the pictures, but you would have to figure out the techniques of getting the shapes you want.


Step 4: Now cleanse the skin with light foundation. Apply the foundation with a makeup brush, be sure to include areas around the eye.


Step 5: Use dark powder to shape your face and to give your face more depth. Accentuate your cheekbones by dabbing some powder under them.


Step 6: Use the tips of your fingers to press matte lipstick with natural hues to your lips.

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