BRIDAL MAKEUPSpring, summer, early fall … These are the seasons when marriages are aplenty. And on your wedding day, the Big Day, you want to look natural and beautiful. Whether you or not you’re doing your own makeup, it’s best to have clear ideas about the bridal makeup. With clear, coherent ideas, you can either buy the right supplies in time or give concise instructions to your preferred makeup artist.


Keep your own style wedding and do not exaggerate

The main rule is: neighborhood not too much on the look that you normally have.You will not like it if you need to look before he recognizes you. Leading man three times So stay true to your own style.

Because most wedding dresses attract the full attention and you are in itself looks gorgeous in it, you do not need. Heavy and striking makeup The function of bridal makeup should really only be: camouflage, accentuate your good points and make sure you look radiant.

Keep your makeup natural. Let complicated things and bright colors omitted, but choose a makeup that you still enjoy watching for years to come. Fresh, soft, radiant, soft and durable. These are the key for a successful bridal makeup.

The Perfect Makeup

The success of your make-up depends largely on your base. Choose a light base (especially if you expect hot weather). Camouflage bumps or circles carefully with a correction pen before applying the base. Do not use the stick directly on your face, but apply it with a small brush. Then apply your foundation and fix with powder. This is important because the powder ensures that the foundation stays longer and that you do need to keep refreshing it. There is something important to keep in mind before choosing the perfect foundation for the ‘Big Day’, you might be sunbathing right before your wedding, so choose a foundation that isn’t too light for your complexion after a suntan.


However, you should never sunbathe the day before your wedding. You do not want to risk looking red as a lobster in your white wedding dress on the altar.

After foundation, give your cheeks a pinkish tinge with red blush. Blush on your cheeks makes you look younger, but blush that accentuates your cheekbones makes the face narrower. Do not forget to brush lightly over your forehead, chin, and the areas just below your eyebrows. These are the places where the sun usually makes for a healthy tan. It is these finishing touches that will ensure a radiant appearance.

Choose light or at least natural colors for your eyes. Light shades are beautiful in a white dress and look especially good on light skin. A combination of soft brown and orange pink tones give the eye expression, particularly if you draw a line along your lashes with kohl. The most fashionable colours now- pink and turquoise- are very nice, but do not drown your eyes in them, keep it light and airy instead. This applies not only to the eye shadow you use, but also the kohl pencil. Brown, dark blue and soft gray are beautiful colours. Ensure that the line is not too sharp, let it gently fade for a softer expression.


Before you choose your lashes (of course), pick a waterproof mascara. With black you’re always good, but if you have chosen a delicate makeup you could also achieve a very nice effect with brown mascara.

The eyebrows deserve attention. Do not pluck them on the very day. Plucking is painful and the skin may become irritated. You do not want that on the morning of your wedding day.

Because you want to look young and radiant, you can choose a glossy lipstick or colored lip gloss. Test it out to see which stays longer. On the day, you might need to refresh your lipstick once or twice, or maybe nourish and moisturize your lips; but you can choose to use a product that stays for a longer period of time.” There are lipsticks that sit for eight hours and are fully ‘kiss-proof’. Maybe it’s a good idea to go snooping once or twice within that time period.



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