Bronzing powder for a radiant summer look

Lacking a tan for summer? Looking too pale with a lacklustre appearance?

It’s time for a touch of bronzing powder!

Bronzing Powder puts a glow on your face so that you’ll look as if you’ve been in the sun or that you got back from vacation (it also protects your skin from the harmful effects of the sun!). And the advantage of using it is that you can simply wash it off in the evenings and you’ll look like your normal self again. This way, you can just change your skin tone whenever and wherever you want.

Bronzing powder

However, choosing the right bronzing powder that looks perfectly natural on your skin requires some skill. We have some practical skills for you. Not too dark!


Everyone recognizes the heavily made-up faces from the 80s, this is not the look we want to create. For a sophisticated and natural look, choose a bronzing powder that isn’t too dark for your natural complexion. As a rule of thumb, keep it within two shades of your natural skin color.


Go for quality

It is important to use quality bronzing powder as it spreads easily and evenly, it also does not leave dirty stains afterwards.


Choose the right color

Match the bronzing powder to your own skin color.

  • If your are fair skinned and turns pinkish red under the sun rather than brown, then choose bronzing powder with pink or peach undertones.
  • If you turn brown under the sun, then choose a bronzing powder with brown undertones.
  • If you are olive skinned, go for shades like gold, copper and (of course) bronze.
  • A color that you must avoid regardless of your skin colour is orange! Bronzing powder with orange undertones would make it seem like you were from the 80s. It’s not flattering (but it is a common mistake)!


Highlight those areas in sun tan colors

Before using bronzing powder, apply some foundation on your body to make it smooth and even. Use a brush to spread some colorless powder on your skin, then use a medium-sized brush for the bronzing powder. Apply the powder first to areas that browns fastest under the sun. These are the parts that sticks out from your face – your cheekbones, nose, forehead and chin. Then work slowly inwards from the cheekbones, stroke your nose and chin with the brush and dab some bronzing powder either smack in the middle of your forehead or on both the sides, but never the entire forehead. Proceed to brush your neck.


Glowing particles for a radiant complexion

Bronzing powder contain luminous particles that reflect the light, but the extent to which they sparkle is different. During the day you can choose a modest bronzing powder that looks natural under the sun. In the evening, choose glossy bronzing powder for a radiant look!


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