How to cover pimples with makeup


cover pimples with makeupHow do you camouflage that unexpected (and unwelcome) pimple?

You have a party coming up, or an important occasion. Perhaps even a wedding. And at that very moment you get a pimple. Just when you want to look on your prettiest. You are unable to cure pimples and zits immediately and there are no miraculous’ disappearing remedies. The only thing you can do is to camouflage. We asked Michele Magnani, senior makeup artist from MAC for tips to achieve the best results.


Tip 1: Apply foundation and then concealer (not vice versa!)

For beautiful skin without imperfections, you first apply the foundation on your face, and only then do you dab the concealer on your face with your fingertips on the zones you want to camouflage.


Tip 2: Choose the concealer that is the same shade as your skin

The concealer should definitely be the same color as your skin. ‘Circle’ behind and ensure that pimples and breakouts in the eye stand out more instead of being camouflaged.


Tip 3: Use mineral powder

Complete your makeup with mineral powder. The advantage of mineral powders is that they do not clog the pores.


Tip 4: must-have products

Finally Michele Magani advises us on a few must-have products to camouflage pimples and blemishes: Mineralize Concealer and compact powder MAC Natural Mineralize Skin-Finish


Tip 5: Special first helper sticks

There is one more secret to concealing pimples: the special first helper sticks available in pharmacies. We successfully used ‘Cleanance Spot Treatment’ by Avène. It is a daily product (a very thin and easy stick) to be used two or three times to further “expand” the pimple counter.

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