5 cheap ways to change your look

A new look is not always expensive

cheap ways to change your lookA new look is expensive? Of course not! With a little imagination and (a lot of) sense of fashion you can easily look stylish and trendy. No fortune is necessary! We have five inexpensive clothing tips for you.

1. Dive grandmothers or mothers wardrobe on a rainy day once

The fashion continues to revert to the past. Clothing and accessories scrapped in grandma’s or mother’s closet may be back on stage again. During your research mainly focus on the dresses, skirts and accessories. “Frumpy” is the trend of the moment. Dresses and skirts fall on or over the knee. There are probably still things to be found of the past in the wardrobe.

2. Mix and match

Not only clothing and accessories from the distant past can freshen up your wardrobe. A little research of your personal clothing collection can also provide valuable ideas. The fashion stylists continue to insist that you don’t go for a stylish blindly and follow the trends of the moment from head to toe to but that you do things from last season in your own way – to mix with each other – and add to your own style. Look at your wardrobe only once in a while and go to work by creatively combining new things and things from previous seasons. Also, the seasons may be mixed with each other. A dress from summer 2007 is very nice with a pair of wool socks and a long woolen vest in winter 2009.

3. Upgrade your straight pants

The 7/8-break – just above the ankle – is currently top-notch. If you have a straight cut (classical model) that you no longer wear, cut it with the scissors. Cut the pants to just above the ankles and wear it with dark stockings and pumps with high heels. You are completely up-to-date. Rolling is of course just a little bit faster 🙂 Especially useful with trousers that are made from thin materials…

4. Update your look with trendy stockings

Pantyhose in all possible variants are back again. Stockings with seam, fishnet stockings, fantasies, hold-up stockings, colored stockings. Update your look with a few notable stockings. For little money yet again it looks very new.

5. Use those belts in your closet

In the course of the years you’ve probably built up a collection of belts and straps. Use them! But do it differently. This winter you wear them over your winter jacket, a woolen or a blazer (and your waist naturally – belts low on the hips are off).

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