How to choose perfumes for summer

How to choose perfumes for summerLight, airy, summery … When the temperatures rise, we want to have everything   light and airy. We shed our heavy winter clothes for airy ‘lightweight’ dresses and replace the usual foundation with a subtle hint of powder or light colored cream.

Even our sense of smell adapts to the summer euphoria. The perfume that we have become accustomed to during the winter and spring can suddenly be overwhelming. The heat intensifies the scent, making it far less suitable for the summer. Heavy winter scents with spicy, rich ingredients have to make room for perfumes with light, floral, fruity and fresh scents that reflect the mood of the season.

The scents would then be volatile and sultry as the elusive scent of blossoming flowers, light as the meals we prefer to the heavy, filling foods of the winter.

Therefore, the summer gives rise to a variety of limited edition perfumes: developed especially for the season. Occasionally, these limited edition perfumes are simply reformulated, lighter versions of an existing perfume. Heavy, woody undertones are removed or toned down, and floral aromas dacled up, that they become the dominant scent.

Sometimes perfumes released in the summer contain completely new odors made specifically for the season. It is best that summer perfumes do not contain alcohol to prevent spotting on the skin. Summer perfumes are also often visually appealing, with colorful packaging and beautifully designed vials.

Limited edition perfumes are exclusive to a particular season, and are off the shelves within a few weeks. Due to its specificity and rarity, it may be inextricably linked to memories of a particular summer (maybe a fleeting summer romance).

For those who insist on using their usual scent, there are usually alternatives with a lighter concentration, formulated specifically for the summer. They may use eau de toilette in lieu of perfume. Another suggestion would be to use body lotion carrying the same scent, so as not to be overwhelming during the summer months. Oily perfumers and shower gels manufactured by fragrance companies are also suitable summer replacements for your favorite perfume.

There are also refined hair products and hair sprays produced as part of a particular perfume line, these would have similar odors to that particular perfume. Therefore, in the summer months, you can have your favorite scent lingering about you, without so much as puffing a whiff of perfume. Wonderful, sensual and light!

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